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Foreign currency trading is big business. In the US alone, more than $5 trillion changes hand each day to and from the United States globally. The market is largely unregulated, and transactions can be done extremely quickly. This has increasingly made it a target for those who don’t have experience. But the foreign exchange is not something where newbies should jump in feet first. There are risks involved that investors need to know about before they trade on their own. Many new investors are attracted to foreign currency trading because of its promise of low transaction costs and fewer regulations than in the US markets, among other benefits. … There are several types of risk involved – some more obvious than others – but any investment comes with a certain level of risk associated with it, even if it’s your 401k retirement plan.

When you are looking to get the best forex brokerage, a lot of factors may come to mind. However, one of the things that you should be concerned about is whether or not it has forex bonuses for new traders. The concept is simple: The brokers give out money that clients can use in trading activities. Given the fact that trading conditions have become very competitive, every broker out there is trying to woo new clients with attractive affiliate offers.

Forex bonus is the benefit that a broker offers to a trader for opening an account with them.  Both types of bonuses are offered by brokers in order to attract new clients and increase activity on their trading platform. The latter can be especially profitable as traders do not have to make any deposit to get it.

The best forex brokers with bonus in 2021 are not easy to find. We have listed the top most reliable and safe forex brokers with bonuses, along with IC Markets Review.


RoboForex offers a welcome bonus to every new client, who opens a real account and makes his first deposit. Bonuses are available for all types of clients and for most types of accounts. Bonuses are given as a free credit to your account, which you can use to trade on the forex market. The maximum amount of withdrawal is 250 dollars. To withdraw more than 250 dollars, you will have to trade with the money that you deposited or with your own funds.


If you wish to withdraw any bonus amount, a verification must be completed and the account must be fully funded. Furthermore, you must meet the minimum volume requirement within six months of making a deposit.  The trading bonus may be withdrawn at any time after it is credited. To withdraw any bonus amount, the account must be verified and funded fully.


XM, a leading provider of global online trading services, today announced its clients can withdraw the profits they have earned from the welcome bonus program at any time. The conditions are as follows: first, the traders must have reached a total trading volume of 10 micro-lots that are equivalent to 0.1 standard lots. Second, they must have completed at least five turn trades rounds since the moment they have received their welcome bonus.


One of the most attractive new features at Libertex is the welcome bonus package that the broker offers to its customers. The bonus amount is available only for new traders. If you open a new live trading account and make your first deposit, you are eligible to receive the welcome bonus package from Libertex.


AMarkets experience a total change in all the investment terms, because of all these conditions, AMarkets is not allowed to offer their customers deposit bonus; AMarkets can not deposit any amount in their welcome bonus account and the maximum profit that you can withdraw from your account is 200 dollars (All Exchanges impose a limit on the number of withdrawals per day).

Bottom Line

If you are going on the web to pick a forex broker, take a while and do some study first. When you find a broker that seems like a good match for you you need to be certain that they are comfy with traders of your nationality. If a broker is licensed in another country and you want to register with them make sure you know what the laws in your country are. There are particular regulations in each country governing forex trading. Also, various forex brokers are geared toward people who desire training, or small-time investors, or folks who will be going at this as a business.

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