Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Doors

Do you have experience with steel doors? How best can you give a steel door review? Steel doors are one of the upcoming trends in the housing sector, probably due to the pros associated with steel. They are common on business premises.

Steel is one of the significant materials that make doors. Statistically, you will find that many Kenyan residents use steel doors. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about steel doors and their correct responses.

Steel doors have become increasingly popular among homeowners due to their durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. However, it’s essential to choose a reliable and experienced provider to ensure the highest quality products and services. For instance, Ironworks Santa Barbara offers a wide range of steel doors and windows that cater to various design preferences and functional requirements. By partnering with a trusted provider, you can rest assured that your investment in steel doors will yield long-lasting benefits for your home.

What’s the material for steel door manufacture?

Contrary to the suggestive name, a steel door is not made of concrete steel. The core of a steel door is polystyrene. Steel only appears on the cover. If it were purely steel, the portability of the door would be questionable.

What are the pros of a steel door?

Even if someone were to deny it, steel is one of the most robust materials, so products made from steel are durable. The fire rating of steel is high, so a steel door will tolerate fire for a long time before the heat attains its fire rating. Steel is also weatherproof since it is an alloy. Additionally, the strong outer cover makes it hard to break.

What are the cons of a steel door?

Due to the rigidity of steel, dented steel is difficult to repair. Additionally, the steel cover adds weight to the door, thus slightly compromising its portability. How do you repair a cut out on a steel door? The procedure is compromised and ineffective, like repairing dents.

What types of steel doors are there?

The types depend on the various classification. Double steel doors in Kenya are the most common. For more, you can surf the net.

What is the price of a steel door?

So many factors will determine the price of your steel door. The significant factors are the size of the door, the type of the door, and your bargaining power. Additionally, the price varies depending on the seller. It would be better to contact a steel door dealer to get more accurate information on the price.

What should I factor in before purchasing a steel door?


Some pets, like dogs, will scratch the door. Note that steel is not resistant to scratching. The tragedy is that removing a scratch will be a migraine. Painting is the only rectification of a scratch, but it is frequently inefficient.


You should ensue that your door comes with all the cut-outs that you want. To enhance that, hire an experienced door installer to do accurate cut-outs before installation.


Most steel doors will come with a factory primer. Others will have an additional polyvinyl chloride layer. The door with a polyvinyl layer is challenging to paint compared with those with a factory primer.

Where do I get a steel door?

In most instances, juakali steel doors you will find them in welding zones. You have to give your door measurements to get the size of the door you want. Ideally, it is rare to find steel doors for sale. The manufacturing process begins when you give the measurements of your intended door. For ready made imported steel doors, you can get them here.


A steel door has a broad scope of questions that one may inquire about and understand. For more, visit the nearby manufacturing agents.

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