Fun and Interesting Freelance Careers for You

If your 9-to-5 job is giving you the blues and you’re tired of working on someone else’s schedule, then maybe it’s time to consider a freelance career. While freelancing does involve schedules and deadlines, it tends to be much more flexible, and you can often choose your own projects and hours. If this sounds good, then consider the following fun and interesting freelance careers.

Professional Shopper

Do you love to shop? Perhaps you love to shop more than you have money to shop with! In that case, consider becoming a professional shopper. You can work for Instacart, for instance, and receive orders that you fill and deliver to your clients. This would allow you flexibility in your schedule but also a good bit of variety and interest.


Perhaps you’ve always been good with words. Then a job as a freelance writer might be right for you. You can apply to several of the popular content companies and work completely online. You will have to follow project briefs closely and meet strict deadlines, but otherwise, you can set your own hours and pick up pieces as you like. Alternatively, you can work with local businesses and organizations to develop your own set of clients.


If you have teaching skills and expertise in a particular subject, you might consider freelancing as a tutor. Again, you can work online for one or more companies that match students and tutors, or you can advertise for yourself. If you choose the latter, make sure that you have a clear set of expectations in place. When you start working with a new student, present a copy of your expectations in writing to both student and parents, and be up front about what you will and will not do. Sometimes, for instance, students will expect tutors to do their homework for them, so say right away that this will not happen.

Virtual Assistant

You could also choose a career as a freelance virtual assistant, especially if you have significant organizational skills. In this role, you’ll be doing everything from typing to data entry to making appointments for your clients. You will be working on deadlines, but you’ll also have flexibility to set your own hours and limit the number of clients you take on.

Pet Sitter

Maybe animals are your passion. Then consider starting a career as a pet sitter. Decide on some basics first, including what kinds of animals you’ll take care of, how much you feel comfortable doing and how much you’ll charge per hour or visit. Make sure to create a written agreement with each client detailing exactly what is expected of you and of the animal’s owners. This can go a long way to avoiding conflicts.

Accounting Specialist

The demand for freelance accountants is growing these days, so if you have a degree or significant experience in this field, then consider starting your own business as an accounting specialist. You can advertise for clients using online job boards or reach out to businesses in your area. You may want to connect with other small business owners like yourself, for while they are experts in their fields, their ability with numbers and finances is sometimes lacking. Be reasonable with your rates as you get started so that other business owners can afford your services.

Website Designer

Websites are a necessity for businesses, but not everyone feels comfortable creating them. If you do, then you might enter into a career as a website designer. You can build and maintain professional websites for a group of clients and even manage online sales as needed. Also, consider adding the role of computer consultant, especially if you have major computer skills. You can work with both businesses and individuals to fix all kinds of computer problems, set up new machines and networks and provide much-needed support for panicking computer users.

A freelance career can be fun, interesting and rewarding, and it will often allow you to work, at least in part, on your own terms and still make a good living. So give it a try!

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