Gear up for waterproof makeup tips, this monsoon season!

Hey ladies, the season of dampened meadows, unmanageable hair, patchy foundation, and smudging lipstick is back; the monsoon season. As much as we love being in the breezy air and rainy days, heat and humidity melt it all.

What we suffer during this season is the Makeup. Stepping out in humidity with multiple layers of makeup can be quite a suffering thing to handle for the entire day.

So, today we are here with some cool tips on how to get rain-proof makeup, this monsoon season.

Excited to know more about it?

Read on to get every detail about Monsoon makeup tips:

·      Say hello to waterproof base

Have to go to a get-together party and willing to purchase some gifts and not getting enough time before your pampering session? Well, don’t worry, there are so many gift shops for the birthday of your beloved in Pune.

Sweating and dripping of makeup is caused in the monsoon season which makes our face loo patchy and all messed up. To avoid this kind of embarrassment in public gatherings or even at the office, help yourself by applying a waterproof makeup base. The waterproof base consists of loose powder/compact and matte foundations which do not cause stickiness at all to your face but gives it a gleamy and smooth look throughout the day.

Useful Tip: Applying a waterproof base can help your makeup settle down quickly and does not form a cakey look on your face. It is a good approach, especially in the monsoon season.

·      Wear waterproof mascara and eyeliners

If rainy days can be romantic and amorous, they can be annoying and troublesome as well. Especially when you have planned a date night with your beau or even a special occasion, you want everything to fall in place and sorted.

So, as you are heading forward to wear waterproof makeup, try to scour waterproof eye makeup to avoid messy eye makeup. Also, order flowers online Pune to avoid coming in contact with sweat after your makeup.

What all can be included in waterproof eye-makeup?

  • The fine tip pen eyeliner
  • Waterproof mascara

·      Buy matte or powdered blush

Makeup seems so vague and lacking unless you apply some good amount of blush and highlighter on your cheeks. Pink cheeky tints look so bright and give a delightful look to your face. Hence, it is highly recommended to use cream-based blush during the monsoon season. Why? Because it creates a flawless glide on your skin and gives it a velvet look.

Useful Tip: There are numerous shades available in tints. You can go according to your skin tone. Try shades like pale pink, subtle pink, peach blend for good results.

Final Takeaway

So, with this, we’ve arrived at the end of this blog. We hope that we incorporated everything which will help you to create a monsoon makeup look.

Well, makeup is just about looking pleasing and for the enhancement of features. We feel that doing more makeup would ultimately give us a pleasing look but that’s not true.


Try to be precise with your makeup and settle for subtle.

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