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When you think about it, cine is one of the most boring movies you could ever watch. It’s got nothing going for it. It’s not exciting, and it isn’t even that much fun to watch. But somewhere along the way, a group of people just realized how good this old film can be. They decided to bring it back and make a sequel! So here we are again, revisiting Cine Bloom as if it were yesterday. This time around we get three versions of the same movie — in 3D! — with new special effects! Keep your eyes peeled for more reveals as we continue our Cine Bloom tour de force!

What makes Cine Bloom so good?

– Solid script (written by Paul Feig, who won an Oscar for The C suite, and who wrote the original movie as well) – Solid performances (Strawinsky, Coker, Patton, etc.)- Solid story (plus a few surprises) – Great ciney fun (plus some sweet laughs) – Great special effects – Good story (plus unexpected twists) – Good visuals – Great conclusion

The 3D version

– The New Regime map (which is what it’s called in Arabic) is revealed in 3D!- The Great War is shown in 3D!- The D-Day invasion is shown in 3D!- The Allies celebrate D-Day in 3D!- The V-E Day occupation of France is shown in 3D!- The Communists celebrate V-E Day in 3D! – The Allied nations celebrate V-E Day in 3D!- The V-E Day flag is lowered in 3D!- The American flag is raised in 3D!- The battle of the Somme is shown in 3D!- The Allied bombers are revealed in 3D!- The bombers return in 3D!- The allies celebrate V-E Day in 3D!

The 2D theatrical release

– New 3D and 2D theaters, with cine-friendly special effects – Updated movie posters – New menu design – New character and story introduction on the official CineBloom site

The first-ever live-action CG special

– First-look at the battle scenes from the first movie (plus a 2D teaser) – First look at the characters, set pieces, and especially D-Day – First look at the love story between Coker and Patton – First look at the bombing of the city of Nantes and the city of Rouen – New commentaries on the 3D and 2D cine-sequences and special effects and the V-E Day celebrations and the Allies celebrating V-E Day – Bonus features and deleted scenes

The 2D CG release with new effects

– CineBloom opening – CineBloom Hotel – CineBloom at Château de the Chateau de Versailles – New special effects & movie poster designs – Part 2 of the CineBloom tour de force!

Cine Bloom in 3D!

– 3D Opening Gallery – 3D Stats & Facts – 3D Campaigns & Awards – CineBloom vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender – CineBloom vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender in 3D!

Final Words

– The best part about Cine Bloom is that it’s completely forgettable. It’s the most popular film of all time, and it has nothing going for it. It’s just there to be remembered as the all-time great, with a sequel scheduled for release in 2020. So, like always, you can check out the rest of the CineBloom tour de force after The Phantom of the Opera.