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In this new era of the digital world, the key resource today is data. It is valuable to every organization for smooth sailing of their work and better decision-making.

And that’s where data engineering comes into the picture.

What Is Data Engineering?

Data engineering comprises sourcing, transforming, and organizing data from several systems. This procedure assures that data is valid and accessible to all. Organizations compile tremendous amounts of data, and they require the right people (data engineers) and technology to guarantee it is in a highly functional state by the time it reaches data scientists and analysts.

Data engineering operates on detailed methodologies for assembling and authenticating data that vary from data integration tools to artificial intelligence.

It relies on unique mechanisms to apply found data to real-world schemes, usually developing and monitoring intricate processing systems.

Importance of Data Engineering

  • It allows businesses to optimize data for usability.
  • It finds out the best practices to refine your software development life cycle.
  • It tightens information security and protects businesses from cyber attacks.
  • Data engineering helps in increasing your understanding of business domain knowledge.
  • It brings data together in one place via data integration tools.

Who Are Data Engineers?

A data engineer’s primary job is to build a system that stores, manages, and processes the raw data into something valuable and readable for analytical and operational uses.

Depending upon the skills, responsibilities, and roles, there are generally three types of data engineers.

  • Generalist data engineers – They usually work on small teams and collect end-to-end data.
  • Pipeline-centric data engineers – A data pipeline is a method of moving data from one place to a destination. A pipeline-centric data engineer then works across the distributed system on a complex project.
  • Database-centric data engineers – Their sole focus is on analytics databases, i.e., they work closely with data scientists across multiple data warehouses.

But, to perform exceptionally well in this field, a data engineer must have a thorough knowledge of the subject. They are required to know about big data frameworks, databases, building data infrastructure, containers, and more and have exposure to languages like C++, Python, Java, SQL, and tools such as Scala, Hadoop, HPCC, Storm, Cloudera, Rapidminer for analyzing the data.

The best way to acquire these skills is to get credentials from institutions and practice by scouring new data sets and merging them into real-life use cases.

Here’s a list of the best data engineering courses!

Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Big Data Analytics: This course is offered by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) and is a full-time postgraduate program. The primary motive of this lesson is to develop skills in algorithms, database systems, exploratory data, and other related domains. The university also pays special attention to inculcating practical skills in the students through several data science, engineering, and technology experiments and theories.

Professional Certificate in Data Engineering Fundamentals: This program helps the aspirants to understand the foundation of the data engineering ecosystem, data integration pipelines, data repositories, business intelligence, and reporting tools. It additionally scours the theories of relational and non-relational databases, data marts, and other related fields. It is offered by IBM on edX.

Cloud Data Engineering: It is the best data engineering course for beginners and intermediate-level aspirants to discover using cloud computing techniques in data science, machine learning, and data engineering. This course specifically helps to formulate data engineering applications and use the best strategies for software developers to create easy and intricate data platforms.

Tech in Data Science and Engineering: It is a four-semester program that enables working specialists to create the mathematical and engineering skills required to boost their careers as data scientists or data engineers. It is a work-integrated learning program and encourages acquiring knowledge through live online lectures conducted mostly on weekends or after office hours by experienced professionals and faculty.

Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering: The course is offered by Microsoft Azure. It is specialized in qualifying candidates for the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. It also helps them in achieving expertise in merging, modifying, and consolidating data for various structured and unstructured data networks that are available for building analytics solutions.

IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate: Offered by Coursera, it is one of the best options for beginners learning data engineering. It consists of 13 secondary courses, including an introduction to data engineering, Python projects for data engineering, an introduction to NoSQL databases, and other related topics. It strives to give an overall standpoint on the requirements of the domain.

Data Engineer with Python Career Track: It is offered by Datacamp, a platform exclusively for learning the unique techniques of data science. The program consists of 25 minor courses, which include data engineering fundamentals, and related information and knowledge about SQL, PySpark, shell and data processing, data pipelines, and related fields to launch a career constructed particularly for data engineering.

Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering: This program is offered by the Indian Statistical Institute and is a 4-month long online course that students can avail of through the online education platform ‘Edu plus now.’ This course will help students in gaining expertise in SQL, MongoDB, Big data, Hadoop, Cloud, Python, and Spark software tools, frameworks, statistical analysis, data mining, regression modeling, hypothesis testing, and predictive analytics. In the training process, the candidates can work with projects from industry-relevant domains to get hands-on experience.

Data Engineer Nanodegree Program: Offered by Udacity, the duration of this program is five months, during which students can discover how to design data models, build data warehouses and lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with massive datasets. It also comprises courses on data modeling, cloud data warehouses, spark, and data lakes, data pipelines with Airflow, and a Capstone project. It will provide a data engineering certificate online.

Data Engineering with Cloud Computing (AWS) Program: This is a six-month weekend-only course offered by AptusLearn that will grant data engineering certification online. It provides the aspirants with an in-depth knowledge of data platforms, obtains hands-on experience with modern distributed data analytics, and learns how to use the architecture framework in the AWS cloud platform to create a data lake or data warehouse.

Wrapping Up

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