Get to Know Different Types of Air Conditioners

An AC is a system that provides cool air in a home or an enclosed room by removing existing moisture and heat. It works by consuming moisture and heat into its system and releasing cold air.

This article provides helpful information about the types and benefits brought about by this air conditioner machine.

The first AC was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier who was skilled in engineering in the year 1902. He made this air conditioner machine to help in regulating the temperature in a room or a space and to reduce moisture.

The following are the different types of an AC and their benefits;

Central Air Conditioner

This system cools multiple rooms at the same time, this conditioner works using a split system which helps in regulating air at home. The effects of the moisture or humidity decrease as the cool air is circulated everywhere.

Portable Air Conditioner

It is an example of a unitary air conditioning machine. It is used where the window unit is not supported. It functions by helping in cooling air, it uses the help of a condenser coil, this condenser coil is placed inside the portable air conditioner system and it releases warm air to the room by the use of an exhaust hose.

Window Air Conditioner

These conditioners are available in different sizes and they can be selected according to the requirements and sizes of the room. They have extraordinary cooling and it is regarded as the best type of air conditioner. They are easy to be installed and they are also cheap to operate.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

They are designed to be convenient, there are six inches which makes them easy in checking their filters. They are recommended to elderly people, installing them is very easy and they do not take up a lot of space.

Smart Air Conditioner

They are connected to Wi-Fi and hence can be controlled by the use of a smartphone. They are convenient and provide comfort. They have very many features and they also save energy since they can be controlled using a smartphone.

Benefits of Using Air Conditioner

It is recommended for a person who is asthmatic since it helps in regulating the air.

It is good for reducing high humidity

It provides good air quality

It helps in stopping parasites and insects from entering the house.

It cycles out the smelly odors or air or chemicals in the house.

It improves the living standard, a clean home with cool air always makes a better living.

Disadvantages of using the air conditioner

It is expensive to purchase and maintain.

It can worsen someone’s health condition.

The AC may transmit respiratory diseases.

It can worsen the eye conditions for example a person suffering from blepharitis can be affected.

Working with an AC system that is easy to use, maintain, and works excellently in providing the best outcome supercooling.  The above types and benefits of an air conditioner system are recommended for one who wants to purchase one.