Get to Know More About Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning the house is not considered a hobby as it is tiring and time-consuming. We would all appreciate some help in getting our houses neat and this is where vacuums come in. This article shall discuss everything you need to know about them and how they come in handy.

Vacuums have brought a whole new meaning to cleaning. They make it easy, faster, and quite fun. However, you have to make the right choice when purchasing one so that you can enjoy these benefits. Before we check out what to consider when buying a vacuum, let us first find out how it works.

How do they work?

Do you remember the last time you used a straw to sip your favorite drink? Well, a vacuum cleaner uses the same principle. It uses a suction method to collect dirt and dust particles on surfaces leaving them clean.

There is a bag inside(or dirt cup) where the dirt is kept until you dispose of it. There is a filter between the motor and the dirt. This protects the motor from dirt.Now that you know how they work, what options do you have? For more options, click here.

Types of vacuums                              

Upright vacuums

As the name suggests, upright vacuums have upright handles that can be tilted and pushed during cleaning. It can either have a bag or not. It is the most powerful but with fewer attachments. It is heavy and thus not versatile. It is great for cleaning big spaces and huge carpets.

Canister vacuums

They consist of a tank and a long hose with many attachments. The hose and attachments make it suitable for almost any kind of cleaning. On the carpet, bare floor, curtains, walls, and furniture.

Handheld vacuum

This is a small unit that is used for light cleaning like removing dust or food particles in a small area. It is lightweight and portable. It can be corded or cordless.

Robotic vacuums

These are cordless and can be controlled by a remote. They can also be programmed to clean when no one is around. They go around the room as they sweep without you operating it. They might sound fancy but their suction power is not good and they are expensive.

Stick vacuum

This is a lightweight vacuum, shaped like a broom. It has a basic design that makes it easy to use. It is suitable for swift cleaning and light suction duties.

What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum


You have to consider if you need it for light or heavy duties.

The versatility of the machine

If you need to move around a lot in a big house, a cleaner that is easy to move will work best for you.

The price of the machine

Check your budget. How much are you supposed to spend?

Availability of spare parts

Ensure that you can get the replacement parts easily and there is a service center within your radius.

Advantages of having a Vacuum

It saves time and energy required to clean. It is also easy to use. It eliminates pollutants and particles hence giving your family allergy relief.

Disadvantages of a vacuum

It requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly. It also increases the electricity bill.


Cleaning need not feel like a punishment. Using the above information, you can get yourself a good vacuum that might transform cleaning into your hobby.

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