Get to Know the Common Causes of Truck Accidents In Georgia!

Georgia boasts more than 32,000 truck companies, and most residents and manufacturing companies rely on these trucks for transportation. This isn’t without a downside, though! The high number of trucks has resulted in increased truck accidents; these sometimes leave victims with severe injuries and sometimes claim lives on the road. Like in any other state, this can be minimized, and there are various causes of such accidents.

Below are common causes of truck accidents in Georgia.

1. Exhaustion

According to federal regulations in the state, truck drivers are not permitted to drive for more than eleven hours. They must take a ten-hour break after driving for long. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Many truck drivers in Georgia push themselves to put in many hours of driving, leading to fatal accidents due to driver fatigue.

2. Distraction

Long straight drives are monotonous, and driving in new places with a change of natural scenery might be uninteresting. Many drivers begin multitasking out of boredom rather than concentrating only on the road.

Also, others start talking on the phone or texting, leading to distracted driving and accidents. If you incur injuries due to a negligent driver, a Truck accident attorney in Albany, GAcan help hold the trucking firm liable.

3. Poor truck maintenance 

Commercial trucks are used frequently and require a lot of regular maintenance. Usually, the company is in charge of keeping these vehicles in perfect condition. Repairs may be your responsibility if you own the big rig. However, some trucks lack maximum maintenance. For that reason, incidents like brake failures occur, causing a big mess on the roads. Poorly maintained trucks may also pose considerable danger to road users and the driver.

4. Speeding

Overspeeding is a major factor contributing to truck accidents in Georgia. Unrealistic shipment delivery times established by supervisors frequently result in speeding. A commercial vehicle will have difficulties stopping, even at average speeds, making it easy to crash and cause an accident.

5. Driving under the influence

Truck drivers are likely to cause an accident when drunk. Sometimes, these are prescription pharmaceuticals rather than illegal substances. Similarly, alcohol and drugs both slow down your reaction speed.

Accidents that may have been prevented by acting quickly often enough are due to slow reactions. Abuse of drugs or alcohol can also make it more likely for a driver to swerve into another lane and doze off.

6. Poor weather conditions 

Certain weather conditions make driving hazardous. Although you should drive in all types of weather as a truck driver, some are exceedingly challenging. For instance, fog is a severe problem in Georgia since it makes it difficult for truckers to see sufficiently in front of their cars.

The possibility of hitting another vehicle from behind rises when vision is impaired. Also, when it’s rainy or snowing, it becomes hard to navigate between roads, leading to a big mess.

Wrapping up

Trucks are handy in businesses when it comes to transportation. However, you can easily incur injuries from a truck accident due to a negligent driver. If this happens, a skilled attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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