Getting White Crowns For Children In Montgomery

Primary teeth, often known as baby teeth, require repair if they are broken or destroyed because they make room for permanent teeth, aid in chewing, and support speech and facial development. As an alternative to metal crowns for children, mor smiles 4 kids offers pediatric dental crowns, including white crowns. 

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a broken tooth that cannot be repaired with a filling to restore its strength, function, and look. Pediatric dental crowns are classified into several varieties based on the location, size, and cooperation of the patient. Options include: 

Stainless steel crowns:

Because of their endurance and cost-effectiveness, stainless steel crowns are widely utilized for children’s rear teeth. They are not advised for front teeth because they are more obvious.

For front teeth, stainless steel crowns with a white face can create a more natural appearance. The white coating, on the other hand, may add bulk and can chip, revealing the metal beneath.

Composite strip crowns:

Composite strip crowns, which are comprised of tooth-colored material, provide a natural appearance for front teeth and blend well with the grin. They are more durable and require less enamel removal during preparation.

Zirconia crowns:

Zirconia crowns are long-lasting and attractive, but they are pre-fabricated, necessitating considerable dental preparation and longer consultations. They may not fit precisely and have a tendency to fall off, so we only recommend them in certain conditions at our office.

Why are dental crowns good for children?

Dental crowns are indicated for children to safeguard weak teeth, cover large cavities, support broken teeth, follow root canal treatment, cover malformed or discolored baby teeth, and cover misshapen or discolored baby teeth.

If decay or infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, it may require a dental crown or root canal (pulpotomy or pulpectomy) to save the tooth. Extraction can cause problems with permanent teeth and have an impact on a child’s self-confidence and chewing. Root canals can be performed on newborn teeth to remove diseased tissue and restore tooth function.

Final thoughts: 

Choose stainless steel crowns for the rear teeth since they are both durable and affordable. White composite crowns provide a more smooth and beautiful appearance than zirconia crowns and require less tooth preparation. A professional dentist will use innovative technologies to determine the optimum crown type—stainless steel or white—for their teeth. Make an appointment in Montgomery now!

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