Getting Your Eyelid surgery in Mumbai 101

It is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate your upper or lower eyelids or both. Blepharoplasty is the medical term for surgery and this surgery is used for excising droopy skin from eyelids, repairing the muscles responsible for eyes opening, or simply the removal of extra fat on the upper or lower eyelid.

The surgery for lower eyelids is used for the correction of eye bags. The surgeon repositions and removes extra fat and skin according to your condition.

For eyelid surery in Mumbai, Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeon who works at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. He is a graduate of Mumbai’s KEM Hospital and Boston’s Harvard Medical School.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery

With age, there is a decreased production of skin protein (collagen and elastin) and it results in sagging of skin around eyes. This condition is called eyelid ptosis where your skin start sinking.

Sometimes, muscle fibers responsible for eye opening get detached with and results in the droopy appearance of the upper eyelids. This condition is known blepharoptosis and your plastic surgeon can repair it with a surgical procedure. Sometimes fat tissues disperse in thin parts of upper eyelid because of weak connective tissue fibers making the eyes look droopy and puffy.

Sometimes brow ptosis also caused eyelid ptosis and to correct it, you’ll need a brow lifting procedure. So, your surgeon must be highly experienced and qualified to correctly diagnose the cause of eyelid ptosis and then plan the surgery accordingly. The surgeon will also do some tests for assessing any dry eye symptoms. If the tests are positive, your surgery will be modified according, and a proper post operative plan will be prepared.

Lower eyelids also get effected from aging resulting in thinning of skin. Soft tissues herniate and give some bulges resulting in bags. Sometimes, connective tissues and fluids can accumulate making the condition even worse.

Candidacy Requirements

You are a good candidate for the surgery if you have droopy eyelids that are affecting your vision or making you look old or tired all the time. Or in general you are not satisfied with your eyelid shapes because of your puffy eyes and eye bags.


The surgery for upper eyelid includes small incision on the crease of eyelids to remove excessive skin and fat that is herniated. A surgeon will remove or reposition this fat and skin cells. After the correction incisions are closed with sutures and you will get some scars that will fade away withing few months.

Surgery for lower eyelids is bit different from upper eyelid and the doctor makes an incision under lower lash line on pink mucosa. He repositions fat and skin tissues, remove any fluids or fat.

You might need to have an additional procedure performed on the eyes outer corner based on how much laxity your lowers lids have or how droopy they appear. The surgeon molds and reshapes the outer eye corner to prevent any sort of sagging.

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