Give Your Kitchen a World-class Guise with Quartz Countertops

For every homeowner, kitchen remodeling is considered the most imperative renovation. For the remodeling purpose, the focus mainly lies on kitchen cabinets, flooring, and countertops. 

When it comes to countertops, people are more into installing countertops made with easy-to-maintain quartz material. A Comptoir quartz looks good and has many benefits over any other type of countertop. If you want to give your kitchen a super cool new look, install superior quality quartz countertops. 

The manufacturing of quartz countertops takes place in factories, consisting of about 90% of pure quartz. Just like granite and marble, mining takes place to get quartz. For a superior quality quartz countertop, the manufacturers mix the powder of quartz with pigments and polyester resins under intense heat and pressure. Resins make the countertop durable and non-porous, while the pigments give fascinating colors to the quartz countertop. Other than pigments and polyester resins, manufacturers also add other materials like recycled glass and material flecks. These additional materials give particular characteristics to the countertops.  

Let us now take a look at the benefits of installing quartz countertop:

Natural stone surfaces like quartz are generally porous. It is necessary that you should protect the surface of the natural stone countertops from staining and soaking of food and oils. Make sure to seal the surface of the quartz countertop with a sealant. Let the sealant completely soak into the stone. Well, this process is not that difficult, but some people prefer a countertop surface that they do not have to maintain from time to time. For those people, engineered quartz may be an ideal choice. 

When we talk about manufactured quartz, it has a high natural stone content and contains around 90-94% of natural ground quartz. In order to make the countertop environment friendly, some brands also add other materials. Generally, quartz is mix with some bonding chemicals that helps to make the quartz’s surface smooth. After the mixing, the material we get is as hard as the natural stone with a non-porous surface. There is Mohr’s scale of hardness that is used to determine the hardness of a material. When it comes to quartz, it ranks a seven (7) on Mohr’s scale. The harder the surface of your countertop is, the harder it is to etch or scuff it. When we compare marble with quartz, it ranks between 3-5 on Mohr’s scale. That’s why marble is considered a more fragile material to use on a countertop. Even if you choose durable quartz countertops, it is necessary to protect the surface of the countertop from heat damage. Always make use of chopping blocks and cutting boards for food preparation. 

Quartz is a natural stone made by Mother Nature at her own whim. For this particular reason, you never predict the availability of its size and color. It does not matter if you have a small kitchen or a dramatically big backsplash, quartz countertops are good to go with all kinds of kitchen. 

When you compare quartz with other materials, you will find that it is a more uniform material. So, if you really want your countertops to have an even and consistent appearance, do not take a long time for the installment of quartz countertops. Because the quartz surface is uniform, it becomes easy to repair it. 

Due to the high durability of quartz, it is not going to break. And if it somehow breaks, it is easy to replace the broken piece. 

As the manufactured quartz used in the countertops is not porous, it resists bacteria. Its anti-bacterial nature makes it an ideal choice for a kitchen countertop. 

Despite the advantages of quartz countertop, it is priced similar to other countertops.