Good reasons for choosing to do a master’s in computer science

With computers and technology becoming ever more essential in every sector, it is no surprise that studying computer science is highly popular. There are many advantages for graduates to work for a master’s in computer science degree, and every person will have their reasons why it is the best option for them. However, for those who are unsure whether it is the right step for them, there are several reasons why it is worth the investment of time and money to gain this qualification.

Multiple career options

A master’s in computer science opens various career options with well-paid roles in growing sectors, meaning that the long-term prospects are also excellent. Among the jobs open to you once you achieve a degree in computer science are software developer, information security analyst, network and computer systems administrator, computer systems analyst, computer network architect, and computer information and research scientist. All these roles have a median salary higher than the national average, with many reaching over $100,000 a year. With demand for these jobs increasing, you will be able to pick and choose a role that best suits you.

Work in a sector that interests you

We all have our passions and areas of interest, indicating sectors where we would be particularly keen to work. With computers and technology becoming integral to all industries, a master’s in computer science can open opportunities in a field you truly love. We are becoming so accustomed to technology in our everyday life that it is easy to forget that all these companies and websites, from sport to heritage to art to food, have an army of software specialists to keep them running smoothly. They all help continue a company’s development by taking account of changes in the sector or the technology that runs the business.

It lends itself well to online study

Many people who find themselves in a rut in their job face a dilemma. They need to undertake further qualifications to advance their career, but they cannot afford time away from work to study for a degree in person at a university. While online study has developed to make studying virtually anything possible, some subjects fit more naturally than others. And a subject where the very nature of the course requires you to be online and working on a computer is one that is particularly suitable for online study.

For those wanting a comprehensive, challenging course that will prepare them well for a career in computer science, a good option is to look at the online master’s of computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With core courses including a foundational track for students without appropriate programming experience and a choice of specializations, including computer systems and cyber security, AI & machine learning, and big data analytics, it is a high-quality course that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Pave the way for further study

A master’s in computer science is an excellent first step for those who ultimately want to study for a Ph.D. and a career in academia. The practical work of a master’s program can help you decide if you are suitable for academic life. Also, the course can help you identify the area of computer science that you would like to take further, as well as allow you to get to know faculty members who can provide the necessary support to get you onto a Ph.D. program.

Gain niche skills

If you already have experience working with computers or have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you may wonder if gaining a master’s degree will add anything to your employability. However, to advance in your career, a master’s degree can help you gain some niche skills in computer science that are not covered in earlier studies. Those skills may include cryptography, applied machine learning, object-oriented design and programming, advanced database management, and verification and testing in complex systems. These are all fast-growing areas in computer science where demand outstrips the supply. Gaining these skills, combined with your existing experience, are likely to impress prospective employers and make any job applications stand out from the crowd, enabling you to apply for higher and better-paid positions.

Work for top employers

When applying for positions with some of the country’s top employers, you will be just one of many and will need something to grab their attention. A master’s in computer science can do this, as these employers become increasingly keen to hire those with a proven track record in IT skills.

You might, for example, be able to work in government jobs with a stable career and an array of benefits, including insurance and a generous pension. If public service appeals to you, this can be an excellent prospect for skilled post-graduates.

Alternatively, you may want to work with one of the top tech companies, such as Google or Microsoft, to become a part of cutting-edge technological innovation. Many positions advertised by these top tech companies ask for computer science qualifications, and so a master’s in this subject can undoubtedly help open doors

Getting started

If, for any or all of these reasons, a degree in computer science appeals, you should start your research, finding the right course for you. Many universities offer the chance for this study. However, if you do not live near enough to any of the institutions, online study is also an excellent option. It provides a thorough program to deliver the skills you need to work in this sector and may well fit in better with your current lifestyle.

However if you gain your master’s in computer science, one thing is sure, at the end of your course you will have a range of exciting career options to you and an exciting future in this fast-paced, rapidly developing industry.

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