Guide to Buying the Right Catcher’s Bag

Baseball is considered America’s national pastime and evokes nostalgia for many. If you play baseball, you know the feeling!

Playing baseball requires a huge commitment and a lot of equipment. To make games and tournaments easier, purchase a catcher’s bag that can hold everything for you.

Keep reading to learn what to look for in a catcher’s bag.

Storage Capacity

A catcher’s bag needs enough storage for the equipment used by a catcher. The equipment will vary in size based on the age of the player.

The best catcher bags will provide you with the space you need while being easy to transport. The bag shouldn’t be overly bulky even if you need a lot of room.

Find a catcher’s bag with organized areas that dedicate spaces to helmets, shin guards, cleats, and bats.

Make sure the overall size of the bag fits the equipment and personal items you’ll want to bring with you for the day.

Sufficient Wheels

A rolling catcher’s bag is a must if you want to avoid back strain from carrying a heavy bag around all day. Wheeled bags make things a lot easier so they are worth the extra money.

When choosing a wheeled bag, quality and durability matter. You won’t want your wheels to lock up or break under the weight of the bag.

Smaller inline wheels won’t do you any good. These wheels cause damage to the bottom of the bag when moving it over natural terrain. They are only designed to be used on cement and pavement.

Purchase a bag with larger wheels so that the bag doesn’t tear at the bottom.

Durable Materials

One of the most important things to consider when buying a catcher’s baseball bag is the materials used to make it. Polyester fabrics are suitable for bags, but nylon is typically the best option.

Another issue players tend to forget when buying a catcher’s gear bag is the zipper. Bags sit out in the sun which can be hard on zippers.

Find bags with #10 zippers that are lubricated to extend the life of the zipper and the bag.


If you truly want the best catcher’s bag, customizable options can make that happen. Some bags can be customized to display a player name, player number, team name, or logo. You can even combine all of these things.

If you want your bag to be the same color as your team’s color, this may be another customizable option you can choose.

Find a brand that can complete the embroidery in-house so you don’t have to pay extra to get the job done once you buy the bag.

In-house embroidery brands might be willing to give you a discount on customization because you are already buying a bag from them.

Find the Best Catcher’s Bag for Your Needs

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying a catcher’s bag. First, you’ll need to make sure it can store all of your equipment. Then, you can find a bag with large wheels made from durable materials.

Lastly, check whether or not a brand offers customization options to make the bag your own.

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