Guide to Using a Keg Pump in Tapping a Keg

Events that will largely comprise parties need proper planning to run smoothly. In most cases, beers are usually, and in some cases, from the keg. Some of us may be unaware of skillfully tapping a keg using a keg pump. This article is committed to making this known to people so that such parties in need of such a skill may not have to suffer from its lack.

Hosting a party may need you to have a keg of your desired beer, and the need to tap it efficiently, especially by the use of a keg pump, may even call for an extra set of skills. Below is all you will need to be enlightened about to maintain the smooth flow of the keg during the party.

Ensure the Keg is Settled

It would help if you realized that it is necessary to let the keg have a chance to settle before you can go on to tap it. The beer is bound to be agitated at some point in its transportation. It may have been agitated before despite your best to probably reduce this chance by driving slowly. Therefore, allowing it to remain still for hours before tapping aids in reducing foam.

Ensure the Keg is Kept Cold

Try having it sitting on the ice during the party. Beer is usually required to be in this cool temperature to retain its liquidity. If it gets warmer by any chance, you may be unable to prevent it from producing a lot of foam. The ice will ensure it remains at the ideal temperature.

Using a bucket full of ice to keep it cold has its downsides since non-uniform temperatures of the keg can end up having the ice quickly melt. The better option is always the insulated keg bag because it allows the ice to be kept frozen longer. You may want to add a little more as the party goes on if you realize there is quick ice melting.

Keg Tapping

The keg pump has a lever that should be in its unlocked and upright position before having to use it. If there is depression of the lever, beer will be shot onto you as you try applying the keg pump. Get the keg pump’s base and insert it into the keg’s lugs, twisting it clockwise until it is snug. Pulling out, push the lever handle down to get the keg tapped.

You need to note that you need the right pump for the purchased keg. Many never realize it until it is too late and are forced to seek alternatives. You are also cautioned on using party pumps for beer that you are planning to keep a while longer since they let in oxygen that encourages a reaction of the bacteria, making it go not good in a matter of hours.

A Perfect Pour

A perfect pour should require minimal time to fill a standard party cup. In any case, the flow happens to be slow, commencing with up to 5 pumps and at the same time checking on the flow rate. Inadequate pumping results in the beer slowly trickling out, and too much pumping will result in a blast out of pure foam.

A common solution to reducing the foam involves pouring the beer until there is a reduction in pressure. More efficient pumps come with a valve that can relieve pressure, allowing you to release some air. Do not pump it before each pour. You are advised to only pump when the rate of flow has decreased.


We have attempted to highlight some important steps in tapping a keg effectively, and we hope that it will let your party remain vibrant as it goes on. For more, check

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