Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft in Pune

For everyone, hair is an essential facet of their personality. Unfortunately, modern-day lifestyles and stressful schedules have challenged people’s health. Lack of proper nutrition and stress are leading many people to lose their hair.

It has become a global concern for both men and women. Some other factors such as genetics, medications, and hormonal changes can also work behind hair loss. All these factors, either individually, or together can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. No doubt, balding due to hair loss is frustrating for any individual, regardless of their gender.

Punekarnews surveyed to understand how far rooted is the hair loss problem in Pune. They asked people of different age groups (21, 23, 24, and 44) to share their hair fall experience and everyone complained about heavy hair loss. Many treatments are available in Pune to reduce hair fall but most people like hair transplants. It is a permanent solution to address hair fall. If you ask everyone what the hair transplant cost in Pune is, educate yourself about its advantages first.


  • Natural hair regrowth

Hair transplant has become a blessing for people who have long been yearning for natural and healthy hair. The transplantation process is completed by planting hair taken from a donor site in the recipient site. Therefore, the texture and the look of the donor’s hair perfectly complement the original hair.

  • Less downtime

Another advantage of hair transplantation is that it guarantees negligible downtime. Soon after taking bed rest for a couple of days, you can continue your regular activities. It is vital to take permission from your doctor before you return to your regular activities.

  • No pain, no scar

If you opt for any of the treatments for hair transplantation, if done right, then no noticeable scar will be left on your scalp after a surgical procedure. Moreover, hair transplantation is led under nearby sedation; you will feel no pain when the session goes on.

  • Affordable solution

Non-surgical methods for treating balding may appear to be a reasonable alternative, yet they require regular maintenance that would be expensive. The expense of maintenance alone accumulates over the long run, expanding the general cost radically. Consequently, people searching for an inexpensive hair fall treatment with no maintenance requirement, which will last forever, shouldn’t look for any other option than hair transplantation.

Cost of hair transplantation in Pune

Pune, a rambling city in Western India, is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Also, it is the ninth city in terms of population (3,115,431) in India. In such a city, the average cost for a primary hair transplant treatment can be 30,000 to 95,000. It can be between RS. 30 to RS. 80 per graft; however, it will depend on the quantity of graft required, techniques, physicians’ qualifications, and location of the clinic you are looking for. The cost will also include primary expenses of surgery, blood tests, hair growth session charges, fees of the surgeon, and more.

Bottom line

Pune is well-known for its efficient surgeons. Efficient surgeons and affordable hair transplant cost in Pune has made the city the ultimate destination for those who are frantically seeking a solution that can help them get rid of hair fall. Moreover, the researchers working with many research institutes in Pune are putting their best efforts into improving the existing hair transplant technique.

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