Have Enough Stock for the Holidays Campaign

We are going through a supply crisis and raw materials are scarce. So, it is not silly to reserve certain products so as not to suffer a stock break. Above all, it guarantees the stock of your best-sellers for this Holidays 2022 campaign. You can even add new products or change the range. This especially if many of your items are not for gifts, you can replace them with others more suitable for this time. Sort them by categories, so it will be easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Make sure you have enough capacity for your ecommerce at Holidays

As Holidays is the busiest time of the year, you will receive many more orders than in any other period. This means that in addition to inventory, you will also need to increase your packaging and shipping materials. Do you have enough capacity to process all incoming orders without your customers having to wait longer? If not, start looking for helpers and keep the processing speed of your online store high. You should also assess the logistics capacity of the carriers . Since you do not want your customers to receive gifts after Holidays Eve.

Make video marketing about holidays

During the streams on Twitch and YouTube, you should focus on holiday themes. Yes, you can connect with the big influencers on Twitch and ask them to promote your product/service. At the same time, ask for the particular holiday theme. Also, buy Twitch views for your contracted influencers.

Decorate your online store in the purest Holidays style

Holidays without good decorations are not conceivable. After all, it is what conveys the festive atmosphere. Just as shop windows are decorated or the packaging of your orders, your online store also has to express the Holidays spirit. Make your store shine to attract potential customers. They will also feel more encouraged to buy. Make pages dedicated to Holidays gifts or with all the information related to this period (offers, shipping policy and Holidays returns, etc.).

Getting orders to your customers on time and in optimal conditions is a challenge, especially during peak season. Having a shipping and logistics strategy is essential. Make sure you are prepared for this, and for this reason, we want to leave you with these tips.

Optimize your ecommerce checkout at Holidays

One of the most common reasons customers abandon their shopping cart is limited shipping or payment options. The more variety, the more likely they are to make a purchase. And according to the Ecommerce studies, 76% of the time, consumers leave the online store if their preferred carrier is not there.

Therefore, make sure that you offer enough variety during checkout. Especially during these types of holidays, offering “next day delivery” can be a great marketing strategy that attracts a lot of last-minute shoppers. Same day shipping can also be a great option. You should also bear in mind that we are in a very busy time. This means that the chances of carriers becoming saturated is greater, and therefore shipments being delayed. Therefore, being versatile when changing from one carrier to another is a winning strategy at this time. If this is one of your concerns, find out how with Sendcloud you can connect to +25 carriers and switch from one to another whenever you want.

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