Here Is What You Should Know To Help Maintain Dentures in Great Shape

Are you missing a few teeth? If you are missing some teeth due to concerns like aging, dental trauma, or gum disease, to name a few, you can turn to dentures. Dentures have and continue to restore smiles and functionality to many users. Dentures tend to be associated with older adults. Nonetheless, they are ideal for all ages and are effective for tooth replacement. Laguna Beach dentures are comfortable and look natural since they are custom-designed to resemble your teeth. Getting used to them will take some time, but they allow you to eat, speak better, and spot a great smile.

Dentures are strong and can last upwards of seven years. Nonetheless, their lifespan is dependent on your care and maintenance. Among the straightforward care tips to help maintain the dentures in great shape for an extended period includes:

Check what you eat

If it can crack your natural tooth, it can ruin the dentures too. Harder food, such as crab shells can break or crack the dentures. Others like nuts can also crack or get lodged between the dentures and your gum, which can cause injuries and discomfort. Dentures can also be discolored, meaning you should avoid food items such as those with artificial color additives. As you get started with dentures, stick to softer food. As you get used to them, it will be easier to progress to hard food, but always avoid items that can crack or get lodged between them and the gums.

Cleaning the dentures

Just because they are not real teeth doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned- regularly and effectively. If you don’t clean the dentures, their appearance will deteriorate, not to mention the impact on your oral hygiene and health. Rinsing the dentures after every meal is a good starting point. As you brush them, be firm but gentle, ensuring you don’t ruin them or any attachment. Your usual toothbrush/paste may not be the best tool. Invest in a soft-bristled toothbrush specifically designed for dentures. Ask your dentist for toothpaste recommendations since your go-to may be too strong, which can be abrasive and cause scratches and crevices on the dentures.


You should remove the dentures when not in use, such as at night. This helps avoid bad breath and receding gums while making it easier for the dentures to stay in shape for an extended period. Don’t just remove them, though; store them appropriately. Soak the dentures in a cleaning solution or water at room temperature. This keeps them moist, ensuring they don’t dry out, making them misshapen.

Routine dentist visits

Dentures are built to last, but this does not mean you shouldn’t go for routine dentist visits. The visits are important as it is a chance to establish if the dentures are functioning well and to consider your overall dental health. If they need some adjustments, this is also the chance to have it done; don’t try a DIY repair, reline, or adjust since you may only make it worse.

Dentures are a great teeth replacement solution, and with good care, such as with the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy them for an extended period and maintain good oral hygiene and health. Visit Laguna Beach Dental Excellence today for more on dentures and all dental-related concerns.

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