Hire A Knowledgeable And Licensed Probate Lawyer For Probate Lawsuits

The burden of suffering the loss of a loved one along with the financial loss in Texas is very unfortunate and it means someone has to deal with it. This is where you can take the help of a Texas probate lawyer who will help you through the process of probate lawsuits.

Probate is a legal procedure wherein the assets including the estate and property of the deceased will be officially transferred to the beneficiaries and heir. They can be family members, relatives, friends, or other loved ones. Probate is also necessary if the deceased family member does not leave a will. In such cases, you need to take the help of a Texas probate lawyer.

What is a probate lawyer?

Probate lawyers, also called estate attorneys to help their clients to go through the probate process include:

  • Determining whether the deceased had a will.
  • Whether there are legal challenges from the beneficiaries or debtors.
  • Sorting the complications of the estate.
  • Distributing the assets according to the will of the deceased person.
  • Paying the deceased person’s debts.

Finding an experienced probate lawyer in Texas

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What is the role of a probate lawyer?

The main responsibility of a probate lawyer is to work with the executor and heirs or beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate. You will find two kinds of probate lawyers:

  • Probate litigation lawyers
  • Transactional probate lawyers

Probate litigation lawyers are the ones who are experienced in probate disputes. You will need their services if:

  • You have concerns with the management of the estate.
  • If you intend to challenge the will.
  • If you are the executor and someone else is contesting your decisions.
  • If you are expecting any other legal disputes over the estate.

Transactional probate lawyers are needed if your loved one has just passed and you only need to start the probate process.

How do they guide you?

Hire a probate attorney who has extensive experience and knowledge in handling probate issues. They will guide you through the administrative aspect of the probate process by:

  • Resolving any legal conflicts between the beneficiaries and the executors.
  • Distributing the deceased member’s property among the heirs or beneficiaries.
  • If needed, putting the property or estate for sale.

If you think you might run into problems with a complicated estate, take the help of an experienced probate lawyer in Texas for the best possible legal solutions.