Home Security Cameras: Not Just for Burglary and Porch Piracy

We tend to think of home security cameras as ideal devices for preventing burglary and porch piracy. They certainly are that. But their usefulness is not limited to just those two crimes. Wireless security cameras come in handy for a lot of other things.

The nice thing about modern home security cameras is that they come in so many flavors, so to speak. If you need evidence, just check out what Vivint Smart Home has to offer. Their range of wireless and wired cameras is truly impressive.

Vivint officials say that video cameras offer a lot of benefits above and beyond fighting burglary and porch piracy:

1. Catching Vandals

Vandalism is every bit as disturbing as burglary and porch piracy. A mother and daughter in San Jose, California recently found that out when a vandal dumped a bag of dog feces on one of their cars. They saw the whole thing unfold by way of video footage.

The family’s home security cameras clearly show the man walking up the driveway from the street. He does the dirty deed and turns to flee. Video footage is clear enough that investigators can determine what the man was wearing, his approximate height and build, and a few other details.

As for the mother and daughter, they think they know who the perpetrator is. They have given a name to investigators who can now compare video footage to what they observe when they interview the suspect. The video footage could potentially confirm or rule out his involvement.

2. Keeping an Eye on the Kids

Moving beyond criminal activity, home security cameras are also great tools for keeping an eye on the kids. Maybe they get home from school hours before you get off work. Security cameras can tell you that they have arrived home safely. You can watch your video feeds to guarantee their safety, make sure they are doing their homework, and so on.

This sort of thing does not just benefit the parents. It also benefits kids who are more comfortable being at home alone knowing that mom and dad are keeping an eye on them.

3. Keeping an Eye on Pets

In a similar manner, home security cameras make it possible to keep an eye on your pets. Maybe you have a pet you suspect is misbehaving while you are away. Video feeds will confirm if your suspicions are correct. And if so, you can take the necessary steps to address the behavior.

If you choose video cameras with two-way audio, you can even communicate with your pets throughout the day. Some pets, particularly dogs, take great comfort in hearing human voices. Being able to pop in and just say a quick hello can make an enormous difference in your pet’s comfort level.

4. Checking Weather Damage

It is not unheard of for homeowners to utilize security camera footage to check on weather damage. For example, imagine you are a Florida homeowner facing an impending hurricane. You head to a shelter just in case. Meanwhile, your video cameras will record everything while the storm blows through.

Checking your cameras in the aftermath could tell you how much damage to expect when you get home. If your cameras are not accessible, that could be a sign that a power outage has knocked out your wi-fi network. That would tell you to prepare to be without power for a while.

The long and short of it is that home security cameras are great tools for a variety of purposes. They are not limited only to fighting burglary and porch piracy.

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