Horror Movies That Are Scarily Real

The scariest movies aren’t just scary because of the monsters on screen or real money mobile casino games, but also because they’re based in reality.

There’s nothing better than a good scare to get you out from under your covers at night, and horror films have been perfect for that since their very beginning. But what if those scares weren’t just a novelty? What if a movie was so realistic that it gave nightmares even to people who’d never experienced anything remotely close to a real-life terror? Well then, we’ve got something special for you. Check out these terrifyingly authentic and true life horrors!

The Conjuring

Director James Wan made his name as an action director with Saw, Insidious, and The Purge series, but he’s really come into his own with this spooky haunted house flick. He took the story of a family being tormented by supernatural forces straight from the pages of Stephen King’s books and turned it into one of the most successful horror franchises of all time.

Child’s Play

This 1988 slasher classic is still considered one of the best horrors flicks ever made. It tells the tale of a doll possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who kills children with its razor-sharp hands. This film has been remade twice, once in 2013 and again in 2017.


In 1982, Steven Spielberg directed this creepy ghost story about a family whose home becomes infested with evil spirits. It became a huge hit, spawning two sequels and becoming the highest-grossing domestic release of all time until Titanic came along.

It Follows

One of the creepier things I’ve seen in a while, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows looks at a young girl named Jay (Maika Monroe) as she must play best payout casino games and demons after dying of leukemia. Her only hope lies in saving her soul before it’s too late.

Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer

In 2007, writer/director Henry Joost stunned audiences when he brought us the disturbing, factually accurate look into the twisted mind of Henry Lee Lucas Jr., aka “the Texas Chainsaw Massacre murderer.” After escaping prison, Henry moves back home to find that society doesn’t want him around anymore.

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