Hovsco E-bikes Collection for You 


A bicycle that is powered by an electric motor is commonly known as an E-bike. It is a specially made bike which puns by both of human effort and electric power both at the same time according to your needs and call it electric bicycle. If you are looking for a perfect electric bicycle with big tires for roaming around and have fun both at the same time than Hovsco E-bike can be a great choice for you. Our E-bikes are designed specifically to provide you the most comfortable pedaling assistance if you want to paddle instead of using the charge of your battery. It is developed to making it easier for you to pedal and travel further and faster than any other E-bikes on market.

Our E-bikes have become very popular in recent years all over the United States of America. It is a more sustainable and highly efficient alternative of the traditional modes of transportation. Hovsco E-bike offers the benefits of traditional bicycles which work as a great way of exercise and also providing you a boost in order to help you tackle hills and travel longer distances. Our energy efficient powerful motor gives you the thrill of enjoyable speed on your everyday life. If you are looking for an ultimate ebike for adults then we have got your back. Some of the great features of our E-bikes are described below:

960 Wh powerful Battery:

We are providing you our E-bike with 960Wh powerful Samsung or LG flash light battery. That means you can enjoy your journey further on a single charge without the fear of running out of power. The battery we provide in our E-bike is equipped with fast charging system. It means you have to spend a limited amount of time waiting for your bike to charge up and more time you will be able to enjoy riding. Our E-bike battery comes with a longer life span than any other E-bike provider with same kind of price range on the market. It means you can enjoy riding our bike without having a worry to replace the battery in your mind. 

750W Motor:

Our E-bikes are equipped with 750W powerful brushless gear hub motor. It will help you to gain a good top speed in order to commute a long distance in an efficient time frame. It provides a smooth as butter and quite as s EV ride. Thus it can be comfortable for the rider as good as possible. The powerful motor requires less effort from the ride to maintain a certain speed. It can cope with any kind of terrains such as steep hills or unpaved paths because of its smooth and powerful motors.  

Higher torque output:

Our E-bikes produce top end 85N.m of torque from the 750W powerful motor approximately. It gives you the comfort of quick throttle response. You can reach higher top speed and a comfortable ride both at the same time. You can gain top speed quickly and react fast at the moment of a dangerous situation. Hovsco E-bike is customizable in the section of power output. The rider can adjust their riding preferences and the terrain mode they are travelling on.  It comes with smart torque sensing paddle assist maker for riding high response. 

Long mileage range on every single charge:

Our E-bike gives you a mind wiping 80 miles of range on a single charge.  It is equipped with fast charging system for your time efficiency. So you can spend less time on charging it and more time to travel. It comes with a locked 15.5 MPH factory setting. If you want to unlock the full potential and top speed you have to reach out to our customer service for advanced setting. 


We also have verity of electric fold bike for you. it comes with a compact and sleek design. If you are having any issue to order or any kind of complexity you can get the help of our highly trained professionals. We are here 24/7 at your service. Feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your response. Thank you for being with us. Have a good one.