How Award Plaques are Made?

Employee award plaques are used for the recognition ceremonies of the organisation. Plaques mostly made by the material wood but can also be available in glass, acrylic and metal. It consists of a special customized message inscribing. Simple text with the logo of the company is etched either on wood or brass, even aluminium also. This is a traditional corporate recognition award that can be hung on a wall or any showcasing and admired for upcoming generations to come. 

Initial processing 

Workers load the pieces into a pressurized oven called an autoclave it works somewhat like a pressure cooker forcing out the trapped air bubbles and curing the acrylic until it’s rock-hard and transparent this takes 12 to 15 hours curved designs are cast and cured in reusable metal molds like this the factory always casts a piece slightly larger than its final dimensions to allow for shrinkage during the curing process and some loss through sanding workers sand each piece three times with progressively finer sandpaper to perfect the shape then to remove the marks that sanding leaves behind they buff the piece on a cloth covered wheel then they polish the piece with an even softer wheel this shines the plaques to a high-gloss finish. 


When it’s not viable to make a mold for a particular shape, workers cast a starting shape then machine it to the final shape. To make a sphere for example they first cast a cube then transform the cube into a cylinder after that working one side at a time into a perfect sphere, the automated tooling equipment is all computer guided for ultimate precision.


Some employee award plaques design call for additional artistic features for example the factory can print artwork on paper acetate or a metal plate then embed it into the plaque and another option is to create an opaque image on the surface, once they finish machining the sphere they apply tape that’s been laser cut into the shape of a world map they sandblast the exposed areas transforming the sphere into a globe they can also engrave the surface of a piece or using a special laser beam each letters or a design right inside the plaque, The creative possibilities are endless there are infinite combinations of shapes colors embedded objects and artistic features make these plaque awards highly customized and clearly unique. 

Step by Step Process

Concept – Sketching or rendering of custom begins which is followed by the 3d model for exact development of the specified design. 

Tooling – Pattern and tooling production is created after the approval of the model. 

Castings – Molten metal is poured one by one and every figure is hand casted. 

Polishing – Mirror finish is needed for every single piece of the model. 

Plating – Silver, Gold or bronze plating is done by the electroplating method. 

Finishings – At last one of a kind award is printed and assembled for recognition ceremonies. 


Employee award plaques are presented in recognition for years of loyal service towards their employer. Nowadays every professional gets a personalized memento plaque award to recognize milestones or special achievements. These are not just your run of the mill plaques but more like custom designed artistic sculptures.

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