How Can Aesthetic Dentistry Improve the Appearance of Your Smile?

Aesthetic dentistry is the art of improving the appearance of your smile. Aesthetic dentistry Chesterfield techniques can correct defects in your teeth, correct misaligned teeth, straighten crooked teeth and reshape irregular facial features. Your cosmetic dentistry can help you choose the proper treatment depending on your personal preferences and goals.

Cosmetic dentists often combine aesthetic dentistry with other procedures, such as orthodontics, to make your smile more beautiful. You can improve the appearance of your smile using a variety of different cosmetic dentistry procedures, including:

Invisalign® treatment

Invisalign® treatment is a clear, removable alternative to traditional braces that allows you to straighten teeth and improve the appearance of your smile while avoiding the pain and discomfort associated with metal braces. Invisalign® comes in two different sets: full-set and invisible aligners. Full-set Invisalign® involves wearing all twelve sets of aligners throughout the day, while invisible aligners are worn at night only. Dentists can use both types of Invisalign® for any or all teeth to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Reshaping teeth with implants

Implants are small devices made of titanium placed into your mouth to replace missing or broken teeth. They are durable and will not decay or wear down like natural teeth. Implants have many advantages over traditional restorations, such as:

  • They are permanent
  • They look natural
  • They last longer than crowns and bridges because they don’t need replacement every few years

Tooth whitening

In this procedure, the teeth are bleached to give them a brighter appearance. If desired, you may also have your dental veneers repaired or replaced. This procedure can be done as part of a cosmetic dentistry restorative treatment or separately.

Smile makeovers

Smile makeovers are unique procedures that improve facial contours and symmetry by reshaping facial muscles and correcting dental irregularities with minimal invasiveness. Dentists may use smile makeovers to enhance facial features such as lips, cheeks, nose, and chin; for dental anomalies such as misaligned or bulging teeth; or for damage caused by trauma or decay (cavities). Cosmetic dentists can also use smile makeovers to create a more youthful appearance by restoring bone structure around the mouth.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding involves applying a composite material to your teeth that hold them in place after they are extracted and replaced by crowns. Dentists usually use this procedure when you have lost too much tooth structure and cannot use dental implants because they will not be strong enough to hold the rest of your teeth when removed.

Cosmetic veneers

These thin sheets of highly polished material cover the surface of front teeth to improve their appearance and make them appear whiter than they really are. Physicians can make veneers from porcelain or composite resin/resin composite (CPR) for more long-lasting wear.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve the look of your teeth and gums by making them brighter, whiter, and straighter. The goal is to give you a beautiful smile so that people notice when you smile. Book an appointment today by contacting Chesterfield Dentistry to talk to an aesthetic dentist if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile.

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