How Can Digital Signage Maintain High Standards In-store Marketing?

A market survey of around 3,000 commercial shoppers concluded that 82% purchasing decisions are made in stores, instant or impulse buying decisions sum up to around 62% whereas 16% unplanned purchases are in-store promotions. Another study by Nielsen revealed that 80% out of 120 shoppers contributed to 33% sales boost following promotions over digital signage.

A human brain can process visual cues 60,000 times faster than text or any other form of communication which makes digital signage all the more important, especially in the retail sector. Have a look at how you can lift-up in-store marketing strategy using digital signage.

A Window or Street Display

If your store is located in a high-trafficked area, capturing the audience’s attention via digital signage is the best way to increase in-store visits and sales. Proper installation and viewability from a typical customer’s perspective is important if you wish your signage to be clearly visible. Have it designed in such a way that it remains functional and safe even in extreme conditions, mostly climate!

Display Miscellaneous Products, Properties & Platforms

When your store has visitors, make sure the indoor signage unit markets other products, properties and platforms offered by your brand that may spark interest outside of the particular location/area. In addition, display your social media handles (links), website, in-store features, announcements so on that’s yet to be launched.

Services & Product Demos

Other than showcasing your products and properties, signage company in Dubai provide digital screens that can be used by store operators for various product demonstrations, benefits, how to make the best use and even to share your store’s unique features/services that let you stand out from your competitors. If your digital signage is not working properly, don’t hesitate to contact a sign repair service for quick and efficient repairs. In short, you can use your signage screen to run a short commercial or infomercial which is quite a trend to drive in-store sales as well as pull more traffic.

Share Brand Stories & Industry Insights

Market competition is heating up day by day and in a world moved by rapidly evolving tech, businesses and brands, including store managers, can use their digital signage to communicate news, updates and even policy changes that can be connected with products and services. You can even cover the entire market rather than your particular store.

Storytelling & Establishing Long-Term Partnership

To keep up with the element of engagement and to emotionally connect with each customer, many brands incorporate storytelling to their products and services which leads to significant rise in the number of sales as well as entertain customers at the same time. With this particular technique, tell

your audience, how your store came to be, the real story that inspired you to open a retail store, business ideas that you wish to share and much more. Put creativity to its best use with in-store digital signage displays.

Share the Benefits of Your Store’s Existence 

Nowadays, most of the buyers and consumers are millennials that prefer brands taking a diverse approach to retail and marketing; not purely business. A report on millennial purchasing habits revealed that above 85% of millennials base their purchase decision on creative marketing and storytelling approaches that personally taps into their lifestyle. Just in case your store has its roots in philanthropy, don’t hesitate from telling your customers the story in a creative and compelling manner.

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Social Streaming

Your in-store digital signage screen can be used to share social media posts, streams as well as content contributed to your store, products and services by followers. In fact, you can even curate the content to run social media contests, perhaps host an online/virtual event and manage content in real time. If automated content is your preference, make sure your signage has the appropriate software installed and all the things are actually being supervised by a human user.

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Custom TV Feeds

Your in-store signage can be used as a private screen for users to select their preferred content which must be aligned particularly with your brand. In addition, you can also incorporate custom frames for digital signage feeds to communicate your branding and business goals.

Create Awareness & Promotion

A very common yet quite efficient use of in-store digital signage is to create awareness and promote your products, services and store features. You can save a lot on print promotion each time when starting or closing a sale as signage screens can manage the content using digital tech and software solutions. 

Whether you need to change, revise or introduce a new service, product or anything that’s particular to your store, simply launch a creative promotional campaign over signage screens. For more interactivity, introduce touch screen signage units in your store that let customers engage with you in real-time.

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Generate a Healthy Revenue Stream

For businesses and brands, digital signage is a means to cost-free advertising; however, for businesses and grand stores, they can even use paid advertisement to compete best against their rivals. Offer services, promotional deals and packages to your target audience which can seriously raise the success bar for your store.

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Digital Signage Statistics

52% retailers claim customers respond to their use of digital signage very well of which 22% respond exceptionally well.

Digital Signage Software 2021 Count

  • NoviSign
  • Yodeck
  • OnSign TV
  • TelemetryTV
  • Viewneo
  • ScreenCloud
  • Screenly OSE (Open-Source Edition)
  • Concerto
  • Chrome Sign Builder

Let your retail business shine in 2021 with the best digital signage software and content implementation practices as listed above.

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