How Can You Define Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is the medical term alternatively known as ‘Augmentation Mammoplasty’ is a kind of cosmetic surgery used for increasing the size of the chest, changing its shape, and altering the texture of breasts. This procedure involves the techniques of Breast Implants and Breast-Graft Mammoplasty. It simply shows the placements of breast implants under breast tissues or muscles. For some women, Breast Augmentation is like a confidence build-up; for some, it is merely breast rebuilding for different conditions.

Types of Breast Implants Available

Breast Augmentation is usually done to make breasts look fuller and more prominent. Its two basic types are Silicon and Saline gel. They varied in composition and were preferred according to the woman’s condition. Like saline implants are described as silicone shells that are filled with sterile salt water. Some are served before the treatment, and some are filled during the treatment.

Similarly, silicone gel-filled implants are shells filled with plastic gel named silicone. Many women prefer silicone gel implants because they look like natural breasts. Moreover, saline implants can be disastrous if they leak.

In short, both sorts of shells have their own positive and negative outcomes. Before selecting the breast implant for you, consult your plastic surgeon first. Moreover, some breast implants are FDA-approved only for a specific age group and for a particular time. So, try to get the approved version, as advised by your surgeon.

How can you find the Right Plastic Surgeon?

No matter the type of cosmetic surgery you go to, make sure to find a trained, well-experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon. Dr Siddharth Prakash is a known plastic surgeon in India, serving in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai for many years. You can choose him as your surgeon and get the best treatment from his artistic hands.

From where can you get the treatment?

Breast Augmentation in Mumbai is within easy reach. Many centers are available for the cause; however, you can receive the best treatment from Lilavati Hospital located in India and work under experienced and skilled staff. Undertaking the therapy from the respective hospital will make you feel relaxed and confident that you have made the right choice.

What to do before undergoing Breast Augmentation?

Going under treatment can be complicated, but following the necessary precautions and prescribed measures advised before the treatment can quickly get the job done. Like, such as trying to drink more water before going for the treatment. Wash your body using antimicrobial soap, remove jewelry, remove all the piercings, and know all the related consequences and side effects of the treatment. If you successfully follow the rules, you can make the job easier for you and your surgeon.


Breast Augmentation in Mumbai or anywhere is not as easy a deal as it seems. It comes up with drastic changes in some women. Unless you have realistic expectations about the outcome of the treatment, make sure to feel acknowledged, motivated, concerned, and above all, confident upon your decision.

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