How Can You Promote Your Business with Custom Mugs?

Most tea and coffee drinkers start their day with coffee or tea in their best mugs. This morning ritual is incomplete without a mug. Hence, can you spot the correlation? Can you figure out what this could mean for your brand’s promotional campaign?

You have the chance to attract your potential customers by offering them custom mugs. They will love this, as possessing a custom mug reflects individuality and uniqueness. They might not drink tea or coffee, still, they can use the mug in various other ways.

Are you wondering how to market your business through custom mugs? If yes, here are few ideas that you can use.

1. Sell the custom mugs

Today, you have the chance to start a mug selling business if you wish. As customers visit your store and check out the custom mug on the counter, they might get enticed to purchase it. There’s no need to stock up several mugs. However, you might begin to take orders for customized mugs. It’s a great idea for a side business. You can make the transition to a business better by joining hands with a service provider.

2. Promote a business with coffee mugs

If you are thinking of any promotional purpose, the custom mugs are a good choice. It will feature your name, logo, and various other details. You could give it to people for free if their billing for your service or product crossed a certain amount. It will enhance your brand recognition and also have a lasting impression.

3. Develop interesting gift baskets with custom mugs

It’s a good idea to sell gift baskets or hold a contest! And one item that you can add to the gift basket is a customized photo mug. You also have the chance to add other items, like notebooks, coasters, and the like. If you want, you can place a coffee bag and other sweet treats with it as well.

4. You can server your customers coffee in the custom coffee mugs

If you have a beauty salon for a business, customers will have to wait for their turn. So, as they wait, you can serve them with cookies and coffee. Instead of purchasing coffee mugs from a store, you can make use of the custom mugs.

5. You can send custom mugs to the bloggers near you

Do you want more people to know about your business? If yes, then one of the best ways is to connect with a local blogger. Typically, bloggers have a huge fan following, and they can speak about your brand to a wide audience pool. It’s essential to research and get details about the local bloggers close to use and know who addresses a similar demographic.

So, when you have got a list of local bloggers, you can share a gift basket with them that has a custom mug. Along with your brand logo and name, you can add the blogger’s name as well. It will help you to spin the word around about your business.

These are some of how you can use your custom mugs to promote your business.

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