How Do I Invest in Digital Gold Online?

Gold has always been a popular investment option in India due to its cultural and economic significance. However, investing in physical gold can be time-consuming, difficult, and risky. Digital gold investment has grown in popularity in recent years because it provides a more convenient and secure way to invest in this precious metal. In this article, we’ll look at how to invest in digital gold online with a focus on Indian audiences, as well as the advantages of using a gold investment app like Spare8.

First, let’s define digital gold. The purchase of gold in electronic form, which is then stored in secure vaults by a reputable provider, is referred to as digital gold. Like physical gold, investors can buy and sell digital gold at any time. The most significant benefit of digital gold is that investors do not have to worry about storage, security, or transportation, which are major concerns with physical gold.

To invest in digital gold online, you must first:

Step 1: Choose a reliable digital gold provider

The first step is to find a reliable digital gold provider. In India, there are numerous providers, including Paytm and Google Pay. Spare8 is, however, one of the best options. Spare8 is a gold investment app that allows you to buy and sell 24-karat pure gold at current market prices.

Spare8 is backed by Augmont Goldtech Private Limited one of India’s largest gold refineries, ensuring the safety and security of your gold investments.

Through Spare8 you can automate your investments and create a daily savings habit without doing anything at all you

Step 2: Set up your account

By leveraging upon the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) 2.0 stack, Spare8 has been able to create one of the fastest on-boarding processes ever (< 30 secs). No KYC, no scanning of documents, no bank details required for users to start their investment journey.

Step 3: save, invest and earn rewards

Spare8 is a new way to save, invest and earn rewards. Through Spare8 you can automate your investments and create a daily savings habit without doing anything at all. What’s more is that you also get stable returns on your savings as it’s invested into gold. Simultaneously, it rewards you for your everyday investments and puts the power of gold savings right at your fingertips!

Spare8 is more than just a platform – it’s a vision. The vision is to make  “Spending the new Investing”, where users earn rewards by playing slot games for every rupee invested.

Step 5: Monitor your investments

It’s essential to monitor your digital gold investments regularly to stay updated on the market trends and make informed investment decisions. Spare8 provides real-time updates on the price of gold, making it easy for you to track your investments.

To summarize, digital gold investment is a simple and safe way to invest in gold online. You can buy and sell gold at live market prices, store it securely, and easily monitor your investments by using a gold investment app like Spare8. Spare8 is an excellent option to consider if you want to invest in gold.

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