How Do I Know if I Am Having Vaginal Infection or Not?

If you are suffering from vaginal discharge? If yes, it is the high time you should see a gynecologist who will explain you about what is normal and abnormal discharge. But before that, we should know what vaginal discharge is? 

Vaginal discharge is a clear or yellowish liquid that emerges from the vaginal canal. Changes in the amount, consistency, color, or smell of the discharge are normal, but they could suggest an infection or other problem. 

Doctors explain white discharge to be a reason behind vaginal mucous. Experienced doctors will help you understand the difference between a normal vaginal discharge and also the white discharge reason that makes it happen. 

Let’s delve straight into the topic. 

A female’s white discharge is regarded as a normal reproductive function. The vaginal glands release fluid to cleanse dead cells and bacterial infections from the cervix and vagina. Until there are infections in the female reproductive organs, this is totally normal. 

Any changes in genital pH levels or urinary tract infection, for example, can affect texture, color, quantity, smell/odor, and so on, resulting in a kind change as a result of the imbalance or irritating/itching.

White discharge is typically defined by gynecologists as cervical mucus as a result of infertility. Some women have a common question- Is white discharge normal? The answer is yes, it is quite normal. Most women encounter white discharge but not all discharge is normal. 

The amount of discharge decides whether it is good or bad. It varies from woman to woman. Some women encounter discharge everyday whereas some encounter it on frequent intervals. 

Now, let us check the alarming symptoms leading to white discharge-

  • Reasons can be numerous but one should try to figure out the exact cause behind such problem. To avoid such issues, you should never neglect personal hygiene and comfort. It is important to survive on healthy diet to stay away from any kind of hardcore problems. 
  • If the tint of the discharge is white in color then it is normal, but when the color changes to brown it is an alarm that you might encounter a case of cervical cancer or the issue of irregular menstrual cycle. 
  • If the discharge is greenish or yellowish followed by itching during urination then the doctor may help you with some medication after certain examinations and recommended tests. 
  • If you encounter vaginal infection accompanied by cheesy white and thick white discharge then it is a symptom of yeast infection. 
  • Sometimes a foul fishy odor with yellowish-white and pale discharge may be due to bacterial growth as well as infections within the body. 

Avoid these to cease spread of vaginal infection and abnormal white discharge-

  • Evade from taking contraceptive/birth control pills
  • Dodge getting intimate with a person who already bears the infection
  • Stay away from chemical based soaps to wash private parts and stop the spread of uneven infection rate

Caution: Remember, if there is a change in your vaginal discharge, it means you have contracted an infection. Visit a doctor soon to avoid further spread. 

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