How Do I Start Learning SEO?

If you’re unsure of where to begin, start by learn SEO basics and checklists. These resources are the easiest ways to learn about SEO basics. These guides cover topics such as on-page SEO, podcasting, Google Search Console, and SEO platforms. If you’d like to know more about SEO basics, take an SEO course.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing a website’s content to attract new visitors and customers. This process is completely up to the website owner, who determines the topic of each page and target keywords and phrases. However, there are a few important elements that can help the website rise to the top of the search results.

The use of keywords, titles, URLs, images, and HTML source code is crucial for on-page SEO. However, optimizing a website is not a simple task. There are many nuances to this complex process, and learning the basics can be difficult. For example, how do search engines crawl a website? They use a process known as crawling to find the website and then scan all of its text, content, and images.

On-page SEO also involves creating meta descriptions. These appear under the page title in search results and can influence a visitor’s decision to click on the page. They can be copied to social media sites as well. In addition, the use of structured markup can encourage a click-through.


Whether you’re looking to increase your search engine ranking, or you just want to learn more about SEO, podcasts are a great way to keep up with the latest trends. Many podcasts feature interviews with experts in the field. You can learn about indexing, site rendering, Google algorithms, and more. Although most SEO professionals are self-taught, some people learn better by listening to what others say. Podcasts can be excellent mentors, so you’ll want to find a show that interests you and is relevant to your niche.

A podcast can help you learn SEO quickly, and there are many different types. Some are specifically designed for beginners, and others are more focused on experts. These podcasts offer practical tips and information to help you understand the basics of search engine optimization. For example, the Best SEO Podcast, which has over 3 million downloads, is an excellent choice for beginners. This podcast is hosted by two internet marketing experts, who make it easy to understand the basics. Other podcasts, such as Experts on the Wire by Dan Shure, feature interviews with top practitioners and SEO leaders. Another popular podcast is Recipe for SEO Success. This podcast is a collection of SEO tips and tricks and is available.

If you want your podcast to be popular and attract new listeners, you should make sure it has good SEO practices. This includes the use of keywords in the titles and content. However, keep in mind that your podcast should not contain too many keywords as this could harm your podcast’s search engine rankings. Instead, use keywords that are relevant to your topic. It’s also best to build links to your podcast’s website or social media pages.

Google Search Console

If you are a webmaster, you may want to learn how to use Google Search Console, the search engine’s website analytics tool. This tool can provide valuable information about your site’s performance in 16-month intervals. For example, you can see if your site has any errors, which could negatively affect its search performance.

The tool also has a number of useful features for website owners. It will tell you what the coverage of your site is, as well as whether your sitemaps are indexed. Moreover, it will tell you what pages are not being indexed. You can also see the details of each issue.


Google also offers buying website traffic, which covers basic and advanced techniques. Although the guide is not comprehensive, it will teach you how to do SEO. There are eight chapters covering basic and advanced topics. The text is very long, but images are used as supplementary materials. Beginners and experts alike can benefit from the Google SEO platform.

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