How Do Website SEO Services Work?

We are all familiar with Google as a search engine. We use it almost daily to ask questions on topics we don’t understand or to get more information about things we already know. We also use it to view what’s trending in fashion, music, news, celebrities, and anything that piques our interest.

Website Search Engine Optimisation – How Does It Work?

Whenever you search for something on search engines like Google and Bing, you’re given hundreds of results in microseconds, but they’re ranked in pages. And if you’re anything like most people, you have no idea what comes on pages 2 and beyond. Statistics show that more than 90% of people click on the first 3 results and don’t look any further.

What does that imply? — If you’re looking for cheap sandals, you’ll most likely buy from the first 3 sellers. That’s what website SEO is all about. It involves improving a website’s ranking on search engines to drive conversion and increase potential buyers.

When we type something into Google, Google has the autonomous power to decide which website to appear first or last depending on the “ranking factor.” Optimising your website to have more ranking factors is what SEO is about. Every business wants to land on the first page of Google.

That’s the only way to increase your brand’s visibility, sell more products and services, and generally appeal to others as a popular business. Any search results beyond the first page almost have no meaning. In fact, it’s jokingly said that if you want to hide a stolen item, hide it on Google’s second page because barely anyone reaches the second page of Google.

To make it worse, it’s rare to find anyone who goes past the top 5 results. This is why many businesses remain hidden even though they are on the internet because they are ignorant of this reality. So what can website SEO services do for you?

If done properly, SEO can help your website appear among the first five results on Google when related keywords are searched, adding more traffic to your website, helping your customers find you, and bringing more conversions.

How To Align Yourself For Successful SEO

Successful SEO involves making some modifications to your website. These are mainly in the areas of website design and content. By adding meaningful content, choosing your keywords wisely, enhancing your user experience, and increasing traffic to your website, you can achieve the ranking you want.

Keep in mind that search engines like Google and Bing have a selection process. Their algorithms are well designed to consider hundreds of “ranking factors” when scaling websites in the order they appear.

They rank websites based on ranking factors, but before that can be done, these search engines first crawl (look for) and index (organising and storing information) for websites. While it can be intimidating, many businesses find solace in the hands of SEO experts.

We’re Here To Help

Knowing how SEO works gives you an edge over other businesses. If it seems too complicated though, we’re here to help. Contact us today for expert SEO services!

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