How Do Wrestlers Earn Their Money

How much does WWE pay its performers? Is wrestling a job or a career option? Some misconceptions are surrounding the earnings of professional wrestlers. The WWE has always been known as the biggest wrestling company in the world, having produced over 20 years of television shows, movies, and other media. Professional wrestling is a performance art form where athletes (wrestlers) put on a show for spectators (viewers). Professional wrestlers are paid a salary and bonuses for performances they give at various venues throughout the United States. Let’s find out below how wrestlers earn their money.

 By appearing on TV shows that air worldwide

In the United States, cable/satellite companies have exclusive rights to broadcast all professional sports leagues including WWE. The fees these networks charge per event vary depending on the number of potential viewers watching. For example, one network may charge $2,000 per week while another may only charge $100 per event. These contracts between networks and WWE often include exclusive programming periods — if a wrestler appears on a live program at a time when he isn’t scheduled, this can result in lost wages as the wrestler will be fired from his current contract. A typical appearance on Raw may cost anywhere from $1000-$8000.Did you know that you can bet on non-athletic events like wrestling and stand a chance to win big cash prizes.

By signing merchandising deals with product creators

Wrestlers appear in commercials, music videos, and many other types of merchandise promotions, but generally do not receive the same compensation as actors who star in films or television programs. However, an athlete’s image can sell products even without any direct involvement in promoting them. This type of merchandising business includes signing endorsement deals with brands like Pepsi Cola, Nike, Gatorade, Bud Light, McDonald’s, and other large corporations. Most wrestlers will sign multi-year agreements which make it more difficult to switch sponsors.

 By endorsing products directly through advertisements and public appearances

This involves selling advertising space on their bodies, buying ads to run during TV broadcasts, working promotional events, participating in radio interviews, giving speeches about specific products, etc. As a rule of thumb here’s how this works: If you’re a big name wrestler, then you probably get paid a per appearance fee of $200-$3000.

Thus, one can conclude that professional wrestlers work hard to become successful in a highly competitive industry where injuries occur frequently, and where costs associated with travel and accommodations are high. Also, wrestlers earn money by playing online baccarat games and winning big in online casinos.

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