How Do You Take Care Of Your Ragdoll Cats?

Do you love cats? Cats are popular pets, and they are very friendly. Among cats, Ragdoll cats are big and friendly-natured cats that are easy to keep at home with simple care. You can maintain their health and can take care with some easy ways. If you have a Ragdoll cat, read our post for better care and make her healthy and friendly.  If you want to make a great gift for cat lover, you can check custom cat portraits.

What do you need to do for Ragdoll cat care?

When it comes to taking care of your Ragdoll cat, you should focus on its feeding, primary care, and safety concerns.

Feeding your Ragdoll Cat

  • Your ragdoll cat needs more food at an early age; if the pet is under one year of age, then feed a bit more. You may need to feed more for one year or some more months. Leave canned food when your pet has finished, then give it a little more. The amount of food can measure by the growth of your Ragdoll or by recommendations of a vet.
  • You should prefer the canned food over dry food because canned food offers more proteins, and proteins are suitable for early growth. Dry foods may also have proteins, but they are hard to digest, so canned foods are better for Ragdoll.
  • Some people recommend the use of supplements, but it is not necessary for every Ragdoll cat. If your cat has some health problems and facing growth issues, you can consult with a vet and get suggestions about the use of recommended supplements for vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Ragdoll Cats need many proteins in their diet; some people try dry food such as grains, but you should avoid feeding too many grains because they are hard to digest and can cause digestive issues for your Ragdoll.

Basic care for your Ragdoll Cat

  • Place a litter box closer to your Ragdoll because Ragdolls need it to eliminate. But ensure that the cat knows and finds it easily. You can place the litter box at some open place for easy access, so Ragdoll can use the litter box when needs.
  • Ragdolls also need exercise, so make it your habit to play with your ragdoll at least for 20 minutes a day. You can pick some toys for your cat from the store to give her a better opportunity to exercise daily for good health.
  • Ragdolls have long fur that needs proper maintenance, so if you want to keep them properly, then make it your habit to groom your Ragdoll cats every day. It will be easier to keep the fur smooth and tangles free. Groom your Ragdoll cat with a brush and gently use the brush.
  • You need vaccination against rabies for your Ragdoll cats, so make sure your cat is properly vaccinated. If you get a ragdoll from a shelter or breeder, then also take a copy of the cat’s vaccination records and ensure the cat stays up-to-date with vaccines.
  • Cats drink water frequently, so ensure placement of water all the time but make sure you are providing fresh and clean water. At least replace the water with fresh and clean water once a day.
  • Ragdoll cats also need proper dental care to arrange for proper teeth cleaning. You can take suggestions from the vet for proper care and maintenance of Ragdoll teeth. Use a soft brush and clean mouth and gums everyday. Do not use a brush; hardly try to use it gently.

Safety Concerns of your Ragdoll cat

  • You should monitor your ragdoll interaction with your children. They are amiable cats if appropriately handled. But ensure they do not harm your children, or your children do not harm the cat. Mostly ragdoll does not protest if it handles roughly. So ensure that your children also handle it correctly.
  • Ragdolls are not such quick and fast as the other cats, and they also cannot defend against wild animals’ attacks. So their care should keep the ragdoll indoor for a maximum time under your supervision.
  • Cats face frequent health problems, and their early detection is better for proper and effective treatment. So you should ensure its blood test once in a year even your cat is looking fresh and healthy.
  • Ragdolls are bigger and have more fats in their body, so there is more risk of heart diseases than other breeds of cats. So visit your vet for heart health tests of your ragdoll after every three months. Early detection of disease can help to tackle with situation.

Final Thoughts

Cats are perfect as pets because of their friendly nature, but Ragdoll cats are better than all other breeds of cats due to their beauty and friendly personality. But your ragdoll also needs proper food, care, and protection. It will ensure better health for your cat and also make it more charming and friendly.

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