How Does Internet Improve Customer’s Experience on Smartphone?

In the year 2016, the adoption of smartphones surpassed 80% of all the mobile owners in the United States, which is a 38% increase in the past 5 years. This statement illustrates the fact that smartphone users will continue to increase and more applications will be developed to keep the users entertained. Companies from all over the world are investing in the development of smartphone applications in order to deliver a unique experience to tech-savvy users. Even non-tech businesses try their best to chase the trend by hiring a dedicated development team to reach their audience via tailor-made mobile applications.

The emergence of smartphones has opened the doors for various opportunities for many businesses as they can improve productivity and bring flexibility to the organization if used properly. Initially, mobiles were used for calling and messaging purposes only, but today, as technology has enhanced, smartphones are more like portable computers that you can use for carrying out your routine as well as work-related tasks. 

The increased usage of smartphones has made it mandatory for businesses to improve their applications and websites to deliver a better experience to the customers. Some techniques are designed specifically to improve the user experience on mobile platforms. The top 7 ways that can help you enhance customer experience are: 

  • User-Friendly Interface 

Smartphone users prefer using applications that are easy to understand and have a simple user interface. Make sure that your application is designed in a way that enables users to easily navigate around the pages and they can conveniently go through your offerings. In addition to this, your application should not be clustered with useless links and images, and it should only contain the information that is required and is easy to consume. Moreover, your application should not contain any broken links and errors as it leaves a bad impression on your brand. 

  • Provide Customers with the Solution 

Customers will prefer downloading and using your application if it provides them with the solution to their problem.  Your application should contain all the necessary information and data that is required by the customers so that they are inclined towards using your application and you must be answerable to the question, what is customer journey mapping.

  • Interactive Design 

People will automatically incline towards using your application once they get to know about the interactive design of your application. The more customers you attract, the better it is for your business as you will be able to generate more revenue. When people interact with you through your application, they feel like valued customers and this leads to loyalty. In addition to this, the more they interact with you, the better they will get to know about your company, which is a pretty good thing for your long-term success.

  • Promote Customer Engagement 

Customer engagement is very important when it comes to online business because answering the queries of the customers makes them even more interested in your website or application. When you answer the query of one customer, hundreds of others read that answer, which helps them understand the nature of your business. Try to build an interface that is simple as well as decent because people are fond of things that they can understand easily. In order to engage more customers, provide incentives to your current users so that they share your application with their social gatherings. This would be beneficial for both parties and they will be motivated to share your website or application, which will become viral in a short period. Reach out to your customers through social media as it is a very powerful tool for marketing your online business. 

  • Make Things Easily Accessible 

People who use smartphones prefer things to be easily accessible so that they can conveniently download and use applications on their portable gadgets. When you make things easily accessible, people become used to your website because they can easily navigate around and place their orders online. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular as they enable you to stay connected to the world and you can surf the internet as well without wasting your precious time in setting up a desktop. 

  • The Importance of Search Option

It is extremely important to add the option of search on your online platform, whether it is a website or an application. The search option acts as a very helpful tool for the users who are trying to find something on your website, for example; how to place an order, talk to the customer representative or location of the store, etc. Search options can make things really easy and simple for your clients and they will appreciate the convenience that you are making for them. 

  • Take Customer Reviews Seriously 

The reviews given by the customers are very important and you should always pay attention to them as they can help you improve the interface of your website or application. Moreover, you will be able to fix the bugs present on your website, which would enable you to deliver a better customer experience for your users. Developers of the applications are human beings and they can make mistakes that can be rectified by customer reviews. In addition to this, users love websites and applications that are designed according to their needs and requirements as they feel more comfortable using such online platforms. Therefore, you should give importance to the reviews of the customers that are posted on your website. 


You need to build an online presence for your business because technology is advancing at a very fast pace and customers prefer shopping online due to its convenience and ease. Smartphone applications allow you to make online payments with cybersecurity so that you don’t lose your financial data to hackers. All this requires a reliable internet connection like AT&T Internet, which provides high-speed internet to help improve the overall customer experience. You can make unlimited nationwide calls at economical rates with an AT&T home phone and you can stay connected to your loved ones 24/7 with the internet service. With a smartphone that is connected to the internet, you can entertain yourself at all times and stay connected to your clients, employers, etc. wherever you are.  

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