How Glutathione Injections Help with Cognitive Function

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione, otherwise known as GSH is a substance made from the amino acids’ cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. GSH plays a key role in different bodily functions and processes and is naturally produced within the central nervous system by the liver and our body’s nerve cells. According to WebMD, not only does GSH help to build and repair tissue, but it also helps to support overall immune system function and build certain proteins and chemicals our body requires. GSH also helps to fight free radicals within the body.

GSH is especially important when it comes to combating free radicals, as mentioned previously. Free radicals can be thought of as unstable molecules that form within the body due to external factors. Examples would include the environment that we are in or the food we intake. As free radicals grow, health concerns also begin to grow. This is especially true once the number of free radicals begins to outnumber the number of antioxidants within our body. If this goes unnoticed, it can lead to serious health issues such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, or damage to cells.

Why Do GSH Levels Decrease Within the Body?

Glutathione levels can decrease due to several different external factors. Examples would include our overall stress levels, our diet, and the environment in which we surround ourselves. However, aging is the single-most contributing factor to why GSH levels tend to decrease. The good news is      that glutathione can be supplemented, ultimately helping to combat the impacts of aging on our bodies as well as help to protect our bodies from the other external factors outlined above. Glutathione injections can be done in the privacy and comfort of your very own home! Online companies such as AgelessRx, a company that specializes in prescription therapies such as GSH injections, can help you to get started today with your GSH injection treatment.

How Can GSH Injections Help Improve Cognitive Function?

It’s no secret that cognitive and mental decline begin to present themselves throughout the aging process. This is especially true when it comes to memory and cognitive-related health concerns such as developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Luckily today there are medications and treatment options available to help those suffering from cognitive impairment – especially when it comes to GSH’s impact on overall cognitive function. GSH has detoxifying effects on the body, thus helping to prevent any oxidative stress on our brains. Oxidative stress can be thought of as having too many free radicals within our bodies. It’s when the number of free radicals ultimately begins to outnumber the number of antioxidants present within our bodies.

Free radicals are extremely unruly, and they present relatively chaotic behavior. They tend to cause damage to the other cells within our bodies, and as we age, we produce less and less GSH to help combat these free radicals. In the end, this can result in significant oxidative stress on the brain which can lead to cognitive impairment and overall cognitive decline. Today, research shows that glutathione injections can help to improve and protect overall cognitive function in users and help to reverse some of the effects oxidative stress presents to the brain.

What Else Can GSH Injections Help With?

As mentioned previously, GSH doesn’t only help to support overall cognitive function. There are also several other unique benefits associated with its use. Outlined below are a few of the main reasons patients seek out glutathione injections!

Improves insulin resistance for older demographic

For older individuals who produce less GSH, it may be having a direct impact on their insulin resistance, as well. Studies have found that low GSH levels caused individuals to burn less fat and store more fat within their bodies. However, after supplementing their GSH levels with glutathione injections, their overall insulin resistance and fat burning significantly improved!

Helps combat autoimmune disease

When our bodies experience autoimmune diseases, it increases the inflammation present within our bodies, as well. However, as we work to increase our GSH levels, it can help to reduce oxidative stress levels. Glutathione also helps to protect our cell’s mitochondria which is the place that autoimmune diseases tend to attack.

Reduces overall inflammation

GSH injections also help to increase overall GSH levels, thus helping to reduce the number of free radicals present within our bodies. When the number of free radicals within the body is significantly higher than it should be, they tend to cause inflammation, especially in older individuals. Luckily, GSH injections help to restore our body’s GSH levels and combat inflammation.

Glutathione injections are not only vital in helping with our overall cognitive function but there are also several other unique benefits associated with its use, as well. If you feel that GSH injections may be a great fit for you, you aren’t alone! Consider getting started today.

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