How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

You, or someone you care about, may have accepted that they have a drug addiction and are ready to get help. Drug rehab is the best treatment for drug addiction to drugs like amphetamines, heroin, cannabis or any other illicit substances. You may have some questions about what happens at rehab for heroin for example, and how long you can expect recovery to take. The reality is that the length of treatment can vary substantially depending on a wide range of factors. The average length of treatment can range from anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. This is considered the optimum length to ensure a meaningful recovery. However, the length of time can vary depending on some of the following factors:

1. NHS or Private

Drug rehab is available on the NHS or as a private option. If you choose the NHS route, be aware that waiting times may be considerably longer. You can expect to wait many months before a place becomes available. For private treatment, waiting times are generally much shorter, and some services can even offer next-day treatment.

2. Inpatient or Outpatient

You can access South Florida rehab treatment as an inpatient staying in a residential service. Alternatively, you may prefer to receive treatment from home as an outpatient, attending regular appointments. Some people prefer this method as it allows them to continue working, looking after children, or tend to other important commitments. However, treatment can take considerably longer this way since the appointments are spaced out across weekly appointments, in comparison to a drug rehab in South Florida which would run a daily program of therapies and treatments.

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3. The extent of your dependency

The duration of treatment can vary depending on what you are going through. Addiction treatment differs depending on how long the addiction has been going on, whether it is a single substance or multiple, how much of an impact it is having on your life and many other factors.

4. Detox

Some drugs are biologically addictive (e.g. heroin) and require a detox period before treatment can start. It can be very dangerous to come off addictive substances without a detox period. Coming off too quickly can cause serious, life-threatening side effects. Detox has to be carefully planned and managed with medical intervention. This will add to the duration of your stay because drug addiction treatment begins once the detox is complete.

5. Finances

If you are choosing to manage your addiction through private healthcare options, then you will need to factor in your budget when you consider how long you will stay. Some health insurance companies do cover rehab treatment, so if you have private insurance, always check with your provider if they can cover your stay. Make sure you verify exactly which aspects of the care are covered to avoid ending up with unexpected bills at the end. If you are paying for treatment yourself, you will need to consider what you can afford and weigh this up against the likelihood of relapse and needing further treatment down the line.

6. Distance from the rehab centre

If you are attending as an outpatient, you will have to find a way to meet the commitments of the treatment whilst juggling your other responsibilities. If you are accessing support on the NHS, your rehab service may not be the closest location to you. All of these factors will have an impact on how long you can commit to rehab.

7. How much time you can manage

Jason Shiers Psychotherapist from Wide World Coaching says “You will need to balance your need for treatment against the other parts of your life, such as work commitments or childcare”. It is important to give as much time as you can to your treatment to ensure the greatest chance of success and to remember that a successful outcome will allow you to be more present long-term for the people and things you most care about.

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Studies have shown that the length of stay in a rehab programme is directly correlated with the success of the outcome. It is important to stay for as long as you can to ensure the greatest chances of a full recovery. Only with substantial distance from your triggers and stresses and the therapeutic work that takes place in a Pine Run rehab service can you work towards a future free from addiction.

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