How Merchants Can Accept Payments on Their Smartphones 

Payment is a crucial step in e-commerce. It is important that your customer finds the payment method that he prefers in your webshop, otherwise you run the risk that he will drop out prematurely.

Which payment options you as a merchant offer best in your webshop depends on the target audience. 

“Can I pay with my smartphone?” More and more customers are asking at the bakery, sandwich bar, bicycle shop, doctor and hairdresser. Fortunately, there are a few options. Do you already know these 4? Physical stores are also becoming more digital. More and more customers expect to be able to pay securely with an app or NFC chip.

How do I make this possible?

There are many payment options via smartphone. These are the 4 most famous in Belgium:

A bank’s app. With this, your customer transfers money or makes mobile payments. Most banks have their solution.

With the mobile phones, payment is also smooth. You as a trader enter the amount on your smartphone. The customer scans the QR code on the screen and enters his or her code. Ready!

Smartphones with an NFC chip (Near Field Communication) perfectly replace bank cards. Your customers hold them in front of the terminal and open the payment app of their choice. Amounts up to 25 euros are charged without a code.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are payment apps from Apple and Google respectively. Your customers add their bank cards to it. For example, they pay contactless in your business with their smartphone.  

What is your advantage?

As a merchant, you are even more customer-friendly with these digital payment tools. You offer a safe and easy way to pay. At the same time, you immediately know that the money will reach you and your accounts safely and quickly. You can also make smartphone payments through myPOS Glass.

1. Faster

Have you ever thought about how much time you lose at the till? By paying digitally, you avoid all the hassle with change and small coins. Not only for the customers, but also for the merchants, this means a great time savings for every customer who passes the till. 

2. More hygienic

Coins and banknotes pass through thousands of hands and not all are clean. By paying digitally, you avoid that problem and keep your hands and wallet cleaner. You don’t share your bank card with everyone. And there is another advantage: less banknotes and coins also results in less environmental pollution.

3. Anytime, anywhere

You can have easy access to your accounts and credit cards from anywhere.

4. Safer

There are many security benefits associated with digital payment. So it is no longer necessary to carry a lot of cash in your pocket, money that can be stolen from your wallet. Or money that might end up in your pocket in the washing machine. 

5. Free

Last but not the least, digital payment costs you nothing at all. This is because traders do not charge extra costs. In short, digital payment is actually very normal.

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