Are u looking Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia with best price and good quality ? MYPALLETMARKET offer a variety of pallet options, as well as custom sizes. Contact us today if you are unable to find the right size in our vast array of products. We’ll provide a free quote, tailored to your needs, and a detailed PDF drawing.

Wooden pallets are available in a range of prices, from USD3.90 to USD15.90 per unit to used pallets that cost between USD4.50 and USD10.90 per piece. Prices vary depending on the size, weight and capacity of each pallet. Every pallet has a unique appearance which results in different prices.

New wooden pallets

Our new wooden pallets are made with superior quality. To meet customer specifications, each piece is manufactured according to ISO quality standards. To ensure that our customers are happy with the quality, we offer fair and competitive prices.

High-performance timber is used to make our wooden pallet manufacturers. These pallets are made from high-performance timber that is harvested from sustainable forests for a greater environmental impact. The timber is transformed into pallets that can then be used again and again. Learn more about our wood’s sustainability here.

Environmental protection is a fundamental part of our modern society. Consumers care about the life cycle of products and how they can recycled. You can reuse durable wood multiple times to reduce overall costs.

Recycle Wooden Pallets

Recycle Wooden pallets can be more affordable than new ones. This is why they are the best choice for customers. Our used wooden pallets are made to last. Reconditioned pallets will be made to an extremely high standard.

Recycle / Used wooden pallets can be a great choice for those with a tight budget. Pre-owned pallets can cost as little as 60% of new ones. Pallets can be purchased at an amazing price and made with the most modern manufacturing techniques.

Wooden pallets can be recycled to lower the demand for trees. Wooden pallets that have been recycled and transformed can help save as many as 43.5 million trees each year. This staggering figure shows how important it is to reuse materials.

Pallet Sizes

Wooden pallets are priced differently depending on their size. There are many options available so you can choose the best pallet for your needs. You might stack them and place them in racks, or make sure they are the right size to fit on pallet jacks and forklifts. We would be happy to share our options with you and give our suggestions on which one we believe will work best.

Euro Size Price List

The Euro size has a standard of 1000 x 1200 mm. These dimensions are used throughout the Euroand for exporting goods. Sizes can vary depending on the height, width and length of the pallet. Depending on the load capacity and weight, our standard Euro pallets cost between USD4.90 and USD10.90 per unit.

Euro Size Prices

Euro pallets are used throughout Europe and the UK. Common dimensions are 1200x800mm and 150mm high. Other sizes are available. The European Pallet Association (EPAL), which regulates the manufacturing of Euro pallets, ensures high standards. The cost of used Euro wooden pallets ranges from PS4.50 to PS9.90 per unit.

Price List for CP Pallet Size

This type is used most frequently in the construction, chemical, and turfing industries. Because of their inherent strength, they are primarily used to make bricks, blocks, and oil drums. Prices for used CP pallets range from PS5.90 to PS8.90 per unit. Similar to the other options, prices are based on dimensions and weight.

Wooden Pallets Costs

You can store your goods in a wooden pallet, whether you choose new or used. Wooden pallets can be made to your exact specifications and measured to fit your space. Pre-owned wooden pallets can be more cost-effective than new ones, but they still meet high quality standards.

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