How Much Does A Betta Fish Cost

Are you considering keeping a betta as a pet? Or are you wondering how much a betta fish costs?

Bettas are small, colourful fish that are popular as pets. Their wide range of colours and long fins make them beautiful. They are native to Thailand but are bred in different states because people are passionate about keeping them as pets because of their stunning appearance and behaviour. Therefore, owning one is a big responsibility and an investment. 

Regardless of your experience level, it would help if you researched your ability to afford a pet before making a purchase. Betta fish live about two years, so owning one is a two-year investment.

Since they are living beings, we must ensure they receive what they need, as bettas cannot live only in jars or fish bowls. The many stores offering Betta fish for sale are likely to mislead you.

However, Get an overview of how Betta fish are kept as pets and what they cost here.

Betta Fish Costs: A Brief Overview

A betta fish’s cost is one of many considerations when getting one. Remember the things we need to keep them safe and healthy. 

Betta fish costs vary depending on the species, store, and number you buy at once. What supplies do you need for your fish tank? We’ve listed every item you’ll need to bring fish home from the pet store and the cost of betta fish.

Betta Fish Cost: What Is Their Price?

Siamese fighting fish, also known as Betta fish, has 73 species with a variety of colours. When you buy it, its charm will enchant you.

You will find each one captivating when choosing one. You’ll certainly wonder about which to pet because there are many betta fish for sale.

Besides their long and flowing fins, they also feature fringed fins, small, multi-coloured bodies and short fins, definite tail types that are triangular, double tail bettas, and their beautiful fins make graceful movements as the fish swims.

As well as having large, ruffled, and graceful fins, bettas have scales that catch the light, making them appear metallic. The fins of bettas are extra-branching, and they have dark, often black or brown-coloured bodies and variable-coloured fins.

Despite this, the variety range shows how much they cost. An average betta costs 2 to 30$, and you can find them in every pet store. Indeed, if you want a rare one, the price will increase according to its exclusivity.

It has become common for hobbyists and breeders to purchase online beta fish for sale or even at auctions to save money and get the best price. However, the cost of only a few of them is listed.

King Betta: 5 – 20$

Spade Tail Betta: 25 – 30$

Paradise Betta: 3 – 10$

Super Delta Betta: 3 – 15$

Koi Betta: 12 – 20$

Feathertail Betta: 14 – 20$

Dragonscale Betta: 10 – 15$

Bumblebee Betta: 16 – 20$

Halfmoon Bettas: 15 – 35$

Butterfly Betta: 12 – 15$

Crowntail Betta: 3 – 5.50$

Veiltail Betta Fish: 2 – 5$

Elephant Ear Betta: 15 – 30$

Plakat Betta: 5 – 7$

Delta Tail Betta: 6 – 30$

Betta Fish Supplies: What Are Their Costs?

There are a lot of different expenses that a betta fish owner needs to take into account. As I mentioned, Bettas come from Thailand and live in slow-flowing water bodies; they are very territorial and carnivorous. Hence they need a place to call home that represents their habitat.  

So I’ll tell you what the essentials are for pet bettas with their cost. So that you will get an idea of how much betta costs. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a health problem, and your pet will likely suffer from stress, which could result in a reduction in colour, loss of appetite, or even death.

Betta Fish Tank (10 – 150$)

The aquarium and tanks should be large enough to get 5 gallons of water for 1 betta. However, bettas are territorial; they need space on their own, so ensure that if you add another one, you will have to double the quantity.

Moreover, male fish cannot live together with either male or female fish, but some other fish mates can. In contrast, females live harmoniously together.

Filter (5 – 150$)

A filter is necessary since you cannot regularly clean the tank. The filter will keep the tank clean for days. And it’s not a good idea to disturb your Betta because they need time to get comfy.  However, as they live in slow-flowing water, ensure the filter is quieter.

Heater (10 – 40$)

75 to 80°F is suitable for Betta. A heater is needed to maintain that temp.  

Thermometer (10$)

Keeping track of aquarium water temperature is essential for the survival of bettas.

Lighting System (10 – 30$)

It is to maintain the schedule of these fish; otherwise, it affects their health.

Substrate (5 – 30$)

Substrates are essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Plants (10 -30$)

It’s not just to preserve nature. Bettas need it for playing, hiding, and for their health.

Fish Toys (5 – 30$)

They’ll become bored and inactive if they aren’t engaged in play. That’s why fish toys are essential.

Water Conditioner (5 – 10$)

Betta fish can survive in water with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, so it’s essential. Water conditioners protect fish by removing chlorine or other chemicals in the water.

Betta Fish Food (5 – 10$)

Food is a must for a living being. Nevertheless, Betta eats at least twice a day and sometimes treats them with extra food, making them more nourished and beautiful. 

Medication (5 – 100$)

Though medication is expensive, it isn’t a big deal for betta lovers. 

Electricity Bill

Since many things use electricity in a fish aquarium, the bill might increase slightly.


How much does betta fish cost? Betta fish owners have to consider many expenses. After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea. Petting betta is worth the price if you can afford it.

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