How Much Does it Cost to Get a Custom Number Plate UK?

In an age of mass production and generic car brands, custom number plates help you stand out on the road. They enable you to stand out, notice, and personalize your vehicle while adhering to DVLA regulations.

Only a few well-known plates have ever commanded exorbitant prices. Custom number plates are purchased for a variety of reasons. Several factors motivate their purchase: enjoyment of driving, a desire to be easily identified while out and about, and a fascination with the DVLA’s creative use of letters and numbers.

What Does A Custom Number Plate Cost?

Number plates can cost anywhere from £200 to tens of thousands of pounds or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. As a result, the price is primarily determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for that specific brand.

While certain features make certain custom plates more desirable than others, these features also raise the cost of owning that particular combination of letters and numbers.

Factors Affect the Cost of A Custom Number Plate

How much is a custom number plate? Some of the most desired features that drive up the product’s cost are:

Custom number plates registrations that are rare – meaning there aren’t many others like them – are more expensive, whereas registrations with common sequences are more affordable. Options include a suffix, prefix, dateless style, and new style.

Dateless plates are the most expensive because they are classic and timeless, but their simplicity appeals to a wider audience. Prefix plates (with the letter at the beginning) replaced suffix plates (at the end). Until prefix plates, suffix plates were used. The DVLA is still issuing new style registrations, and the extra digits give you more flexibility than older style plates. Regardless of which option you choose, each number plate issued is unique.

It’s all About the Numbers

Single-digit numbers are preferred, with one being the most desired. Other numbers can fetch a higher price if they are model numbers of prestigious cars like high-end sports cars or sleek luxury sedans. Also, numbers increasingly replace letter combinations on vehicle registrations, making them more desirable when spelling out the desired name or word.

When a celebrity owns or drives a globally recognized vehicle, a number plate quickly becomes extremely valuable. Classic car owners may prefer a number plate reflecting the vehicle’s age, while others prefer plates from their region.

The more famous a person’s name is, the more expensive the plate is likely to be. As a result, sequences with well-known initials or words are more desirable and, therefore, more expensive.

Costs of a Custom Number Plate

Aside from the cost of the plate, putting a private number plate on your car is relatively inexpensive. After completing the paperwork and registering their new plate on their vehicle, Motorists are finished.

You’ll start accruing fees if you decide to leave a custom plate on a vehicle. A retention certificate for non-mounted plates costs £80 from the DVLA.

Most people who buy license plates, on the other hand, put them on their cars instead of paying extra for certificates. The value of a plate is determined by its purpose. Plates with your name or initials on them are very common. However, if you want exclusivity, you’ll have to pay a lot more. If you are searching for custom number plates, you can find them at

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