How Much is a Paraiba Tourmaline Worth?

Paraiba tourmaline is considered the most expensive stone among tourmalines. Paraiba gemstone price depends on its size, clarity, and characteristics and can reach up to $20000-30000 per carat for a good stone.

The paraiba tourmaline price typically ranges from $900 to $7000 per carat, depending on inclusions and weight.

Paraiba is the most valuable type of tourmaline. Some specimens can easily compete in value with large diamonds of the finest quality. The gem has a bright, intense coloring that ranges from sky blue to emerald green. It is considered the standard of bright, saturated color with a neon glow effect. Paraiba tourmaline owes its unique coloring to a combination of two elements, copper and manganese.

80% of all tourmaline is found in Brazil, Paraiba is not an exception. The name of this tourmaline comes from the name of the Brazilian state of Paraiba, where it was discovered in 1987. The discoverer was the local prospector, who has been searching for this stone for five years. Once found, the first specimens were sold very quickly, and the rumor about neon stone spread around the world.

Recently the stone rose in price by 20-30%. It even started overtaking no-heat sapphires and emeralds in terms of price. Today the gem is considered a good investment among all other stones, as its value continues to rise up. For a particular specimen, the price can exceed 20000$.

The price of paraiba tourmaline usually ranges from low to high.It all depends on the quality of the stone and its carats. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable stone for yourself, regardless of cost, and enjoy its beauty.On the Yavorskyy website there is a wide selection of precious stones, namely paraiba tourmaline, from which you will choose the most suitable one for yourself or a loved one.

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