How Omatic Integrates Salesforce with Your Other Nonprofits’ Systems

Salesforce for Nonprofits has a better reputation for Salesforce membership management connectivity than the Raiser’s Edge. A Raiser’s Edge Salesforce integration can bridge the gaps between these systems and third-party tools used by organizations. Find out how cloud-based Omatic software works alongside the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for functional integration.

How Salesforce Integration Can Give Your Better Insights Into Your Constituents

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack supports an array of applications used by nonprofits. Although this platform offers integration tools to subscribers through the AppExchange, integration software can provide overarching solutions for bidirectional data flow across multiple constituent relationship management software systems and applications.

Most organizations rely on more than one system to store and summon constituent information, communicate with constituents and raise funds. Without integration, contact data may not be available to communications solutions or fundraising resources and unorganized data that could be used to enrich donor profiles could end up siloed. Salesforce Integration is the best way to gather a wide variety of types of data from multiple sources for analysis.

Use Omatic Cloud to Connect Disparate Data Sources

Organizations that use Raiser’s Edge software or other platforms that do not readily connect can appreciate Omatic Cloud. This cloud-based integration software suite creates a centralized CRM database that bridges between any systems in use. One of the best benefits of Omatic Cloud is that it is made with the needs of nonprofits in mind and is compatible with most of the leading software, including Blackbaud software, Salesforce for Nonprofits and third-party applications.

Closed or proprietary systems can offer organizations that use the same family of software the benefits of complete integration. This is the case with groups that combine Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge and other Blackbaud systems. When an organization seeks to use this software alongside another CRM or third-party application, it can be difficult to export the information for use and import data from external sources.

The Advantages of Using Integration Software

Integration software makes data more readily available system wide while maintaining rigorous security standards. These platforms also provide a centralized level of control over data that can be helpful for working around the limitations of individual systems. This is the case with regard to individual records as well as the ability to search and group records within the system with queries.

A few of the specific benefits of Omatic Cloud include data integration solutions such as data import, export and health utilities. Support for automation also makes this software an excellent solution for organizations seeking to modernize and free up staff from repetitive and error-prone transcription tasks. Fundraisers benefit from the ready availability of more accurate and complete records, which generates more funding for an organization to pursue its mission.

Although Salesforce NPSP has some level of compatibility with the applications and services on the AppExchange, integration software can forge smooth connections between Salesforce and external software. In situations where an API with limited or no support are the only options, integration software can make it possible to use Salesforce for Nonprofits alongside other systems.

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