How paintings are made from stabilized moss

A variety of Moss paintings are available to our customers at the most affordable prices. We guarantee high quality and originality of paintings.

Advantages of moss paintings

We can also making walls from moss in the size and shape you need. For manufacturing, we use only natural materials, which our specialists manually collect in ecologically clean forests. The material must be of high quality and comply with a number of international standards.

So all paintings from stabilized moss are environmentally friendly. You can install such an element of decor in absolutely any room of your apartment or house. They are suitable even for children’s rooms and bedrooms. During operation, the paintings do not emit toxic substances, which is how they differ from a number of other decorative elements.

High-quality natural moss walls will be a great addition to any interior, because they can be made in different sizes, formats and styles. We can offer our customers both ready-made options, which are presented in our catalog, and the production of paintings according to a unique project. The cost is also very affordable.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to take care of such paintings. Moss does not need to be watered and fertilized. It is enough to periodically remove dust and dirt that accumulate on the surface during operation.

What are the paintings made of?

If you decide to buy a picture of moss, we recommend that you do so in our online store. For the manufacture of paintings, we use only natural moss, which our specialists collect in ecologically clean regions. Only the best moss of special varieties, which meets a number of requirements, gets into the paintings.

After that, the moss is sorted by hand several more times. Thus, it is possible to exclude plants that are not suitable for one reason or another. Selected moss is treated with a special synthetic substance that replaces the natural juice in plants. As a result, all processes stop and the moss acquires the necessary structure and shape.

Also, the moss is covered with a special paint of the required color. The paint is completely environmentally friendly, so it does not emit toxic substances during use. The paint does not fade or fade, so the picture will look just perfect for a long time. Moss can be painted in absolutely any color, the choice depends on the wishes of the client.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of material for the manufacture of the base. The material must be reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. Due to the high quality of the material, it is possible to achieve the durability of the paintings. Such a product will last at least 10 years without losing its attractive appearance and performance.The cost of moss paintings and walls is more than affordable for everyone. So everyone can afford to buy.

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