How School Management System Helps In Improving Admission Strategy

Meeting enrollment targets for school admissions teams has become increasingly difficult. No longer are parents willing to run around from pillar to post to collect and submit a couple of documents and wait around the school office endlessly, hoping to find out about the status of their child’s application. With an abundance of schools to choose from, parents now look to the school to show why they are the best choice for their child. Moreover, the pandemic has compelled schools to completely rethink their cumbersome, almost antiquated admissions process.

A superior school management system like the one offered by Ken42 provides a convenient, comprehensive solution to this problem. In addition to providing a centralized platform for all management functions, this application software can help to take all aspects of your admissions operations online, from pre-admissions processes to enrollment.

A school management system can substantially improve your admissions strategy in many ways:

Digitized Admissions Process

A school management system can help digitize all aspects of the admissions process, providing a paperless, smooth experience for both applicants and the school administration. Application forms and supplementary documents can be submitted online, and the status of one’s application can be viewed at any time.

This eliminates the inconvenience faced by applicants and the inefficiencies that often result from having to process a huge number of paper applications.

Automated Marketing & Lead Management

Having efficient management software in place can allow you to nurture and manage leads across multiple channels. The school management system can carry out automated marketing functions like organizing inquiries, generating and targeting leads through text messaging and email marketing, etc. Overspending on marketing with barely any meaningful conversions is a worst-case scenario that can be easily avoided. The system can help in precise identification and targeting of those demographic groups that will most likely convert. This helps in lead nurturing and remarketing efforts, presenting a high ROI alternative to old-school, uncertain marketing methods.

Personalized Communications

A school management software enables you to prioritize your leads based on how they engage with your website and marketing activities. Using a chatbot feature, you will be able to answer and resolve multiple applicant enquiries instantly. Any questions regarding the application, documentation, or fees will be answered by your chatbot reducing the number of unfinished application forms. You can personalize your engagement with prospective students at various touchpoints during their student journey, right until they enroll, providing them with admissions counseling, resolving queries, and sending timely reminders to submit completed applications and make payments before the deadlines, and informing them of their application’s outcome.

Customized Reports

To view the effectiveness of your admissions campaign, school management systems have customizable dashboards that aggregate data and create analytical reports using key metrics. These analytics reports will allow you to monitor every aspect of your admissions operations in real-time and compare them with past data. These key indicators will help you form a superior, data-driven admissions strategy and scale your operations with ease.

Virtual Applicant Evaluation

Over the course of the pandemic, one of the primary challenges schools faced by schools during admissions has been the ability to conduct in-person entrance tests and interview applicants. School management systems help you assess applications remotely by enabling the setting up of an admissions portal. You can create and conduct online entrance tests for applicants and evaluate them in a much faster manner. You will also be able to conduct interviews and group discussion assessments remotely.

Simplified Fee Collection System

A school management software has a dedicated finance module that will aid in collecting tuition fees upon enrolment. You can easily set up an online payment gateway, allowing students to make payments through net banking, credit/debit card payments, UPI, and other virtual payment options. You can send out automated reminders to new students to complete payment and process scholarship and financial aid requests, making the entire fee payment process faster, safer, and hassle-free.

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