How Tax Apps Can Help You Stay Organized Throughout the Year for Tax Season

As a freelancer or small business owner online tax agent, tax season can be overwhelming. Make the process simpler by setting up an electronic filing system that will keep you organized throughout the year.

Make filing taxes a breeze with the right software, from tax return apps to expense tracking programs. Our top picks will make filing easier than ever for you.

Create a Repeatable Tax Season Checklist

Establishing a repeatable Tax App season checklist is an effective way to stay organized throughout the year for tax season. Doing this will make you less overwhelmed each time it arrives, which in turn reduces stress and increases your chances of finishing your taxes on time.

To make this task simpler, consider using an app to create a digital filing system on your phone. These applications can keep track of receipts and other important documents, making them accessible when needed.

One of the best and most reputable options on our list is TurboTax, which boasts an intuitive user interface and straightforward navigation. Plus, its “Online Assist” feature provides access to professional help whenever needed – making this an ideal choice for both newbies and experienced tax experts alike. Most importantly, TurboTax makes filling out your taxes a breeze!

Scan Documents into Digital Folders

Once your documents have been scanned and organized into digital folders, it becomes effortless to stay organized throughout the year. For instance, set up a folder for credit card receipts and another for phone bills.

Utilizing a scanning app with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can make it simpler to locate your scanned documents. For instance, bank statements can be easily located using OCR; simply scan the date on the document and it will be immediately recognized for easy retrieval later.

Once your documents have been scanned, it’s important to store them safely. The most secure option for doing this is by using a cloud-based storage system.

This ensures you can access them whenever needed, while offering a secure solution. Furthermore, it can protect your files from hard drive failure.

Set Up a Digital Filing System

Establishing a digital filing system can help you stay organized throughout the year for tax season. Doing so eliminates having to search through boxes of paper or oversized desks in search of documents you may have overlooked.

Begin by creating a list of all documents you must save from this semester, such as classwork, research papers and service projects. This way, it will be easier to remember everything later on.

Once you have the list of files, organize them into folders according to type. Whether alphabetically, chronologically or by category is best for you, decide which order your files should be sorted in.

Once you know where a file is stored, use consistent naming conventions to quickly locate it. Your system may even allow for marking the file with its type or specifying where it resides.

Create a Tax Season Checklist on Your Phone

Maintaining a tax season checklist on your phone can help you stay organized throughout the year for tax season, rather than waiting until April to start preparing. It also keeps track of important billing dates such as paying estimated quarterly taxes if you are a 1099 worker.

Organization is key when it comes to filing taxes; being organized will make you less likely to feel overwhelmed and miss a deadline. Making an annual checklist that you refer back to each year can also make filing less of a chore, so start early on in order to minimize stress levels later on.

This year, there are some updates to the requirements for filing 1099-K forms. Make sure you have all necessary documentation in order to satisfy these new demands.


Being prepared can help you avoid professional liability claims during tax season, especially if you are a small business owner or self-employed. Having these documents on hand helps safeguard against such claims.


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