How To Achieve a Youthful Appearance

Your neck is an essential body part that requires adequate maintenance to remain good-looking with no signs of aging. It is the first body part to display aging signs. The skin on the neck becomes loose and wrinkled, appearing droopy and sagging. This appearance makes you appear older than you feel. Although finding a good neck lift Reston specialist who can attend to your skin appearance may be daunting, Rostami OPC has your back. The team has extensive experience in neck skin rejuvenation to ensure you look younger. They will perform a combination of procedures to help you look and feel better. Here are some facts about neck lifts you must know.

Neck Lift Does Not Just Tighten the Skin

If you want to undergo a neck lift, two stages are involved. One is cervicoplasty, which helps trim the excess skin on your neck, and the platysmaplasty, which helps tighten the neck muscles. The two procedures play a significant role in offering the best results. They help smoothen the outer appearance of the skin and the neck muscles. After the procedure, your neck makes you look younger without sagging or drooping skin.

Neck Lift Can Be Done Together with Other Procedures

A neck lift can be performed solely to improve the neck appearance if it is not badly off. However, it can be combined with other procedures if you wish for more dramatic improvement. Techniques such as a facelift can be combined with a neck lift to create a more improved facial rejuvenation which helps you look better and have the same recovery period. You may discuss your overall need with your plastic surgeon to get the best recommendation for the best procedures that suit you. The surgeon will take you through the different methods combined with a neck lift for a great outcome.

The Results Are Long-Lasting

A neck lift is very effective and helps you enjoy a more youthful appearance for a long time. The procedure is long-lasting, and the effects take time before you can begin to experience sagging skin again. You will continue to look younger than if you had not undergone the procedure. You only need to follow the doctor’s specifications on how to maintain a good neck and facial skin appearance to prevent it from having wrinkles.

Neck Lift Can Involve Liposuction

The neck lift procedure varies depending on the patient’s neck appearance. Some patients have excess fat layers on their necks that require a combination of other techniques, such as liposuction, to help remove the excess fat. Liposuction helps define the jawline and gives a slimmer neck that has no fats. A combination of the two procedures guarantees a more dramatic result.

The neck appearance may make a significant difference. Having a well-defined neck is what everyone wishes. But this is not always common sense, peoples’ lifestyles are different, contributing to body changes. Those with sagging skins on their necks have looked for means to restore their youthful shapes without success. If you have struggled to get rid of your excess skin, you are a good candidate for a neck lift. The Rostami OPC team has neck lift rejuvenation expertise to ensure you look young and satisfied. You can start by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.

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