How to be Helpful to a New Mom

Having a new baby around is a life changing experience. Many things change, especially priorities. New moms can become overwhelmed by the constant needs of a baby. And what she needs the most at this hectic time is support, both emotional and practical. Whether you are the dad, a relative, or a new brother or sister, there are many things you can do to make life a little easier for her. The most important is letting her know that you are going to do everything you can, to go through this with her, beyond that, there are few predictable things she will need.

  • Get on the Same Page: One thing moms require, especially in the early days is organization. When you get up for the second feeding of the night, you want to know where everything is without necessarily waking up. Learn her routine and help keep things organized. Keep track of items, like which is the favourite dummy, how many diapers are left. How to sterilize the bottles, and how to stock the diaper bag. Whatever you do, don’t change the system, it won’t be as helpful as you think.
  • Respect the Nap: There is nothing more precious and sought after during the day, then a chance to switch off and unwind. When mom gets a chance to have a little rest, or even a relaxing bath. Guard that experience for her so she can properly recharge, If the kids are noisy, take them outside. Whatever is going on while she is resting, it can wait. Unless it’s a fire.
  • Let Mom Shop: Instead of getting things for her. Let mom go to the store by herself or with a friend, or at least without the baby. Shopping can be restorative, even if it’s just for groceries. Of course, if she wants you to go, then go.
  • Change Diapers: Many people are disgusted by the thought of changing diapers. New moms are too, but they can’t do much about it, it comes with the job. But there is no reason why she must change every diaper. Having someone else do it is a real blessing. Learn how to do it right, and you will soon be so efficient you will hardly notice the unpleasantness.
  • Cook: Everybody likes to have someone cook for them. And nutritional cooking takes time and attention that new moms just don’t have. This is a great time to learn how to cook if you don’t know, and if you do, it is a good opportunity to learn a few new tricks. And failing that, get good at ordering food.
  • Clean: There are two ways you can help here. One is to learn how to keep your own stuff organized and put away. And the other is to take a more active role in keeping the house clean. You can start by doing the laundry, the dishes, vacuuming, whatever there is to do. None of these things are difficult, but they are necessary.

All these actions will show how much you care and that you are on her side. This will be a great comfort when she goes through some of the emotional struggles that inevitably come. Taking care of a baby is easier when it is a team effort, being helpful will strengthen your bond with mom and the baby too.

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