How To Buy Genuine Medicines Online Safely In Canada

Because every second drug sold on the internet is a fake! So how can you be sure that you are ordering from an authorized Canadian Pharmacy and which drugs can you order without risk? All the answers to your questions are here!

Who can sell drugs online?

The online sale of non-prescription drugs is only authorized to pharmacists holding a pharmacy dispensary in Canada. The website must be that of a physical pharmacy having obtained a license issued by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities. Thus, each pharmacist, owner of his pharmacy can offer a site for the online sale of non-prescription drugs provided that he has obtained the authorization.

Once this authorization has been obtained, it is the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities that definitively validates the request and assigns a recognizable identification to the website.

What drugs can be bought on the internet?

NEVER fall into the traps of online prescription drugs available! This is the golden rule! A site offers you to buy drugs usually sold on medical prescription? So these drugs are probably fake because it is forbidden! Indeed, European regulations require that only non-prescription drugs for family medication and counseling be sold on the internet, i.e. a total of more than 4,500 references.

However, 50% of drugs sold on the internet are fake! What are the most counterfeit drugs? According to a study the most counterfeit drugs are:

– Treatments for weight loss,

– Viagra, Cialis,

– sleeping pills,

– Anti-flu treatments

Be careful because the purchase of falsified medicines can have very damaging effects on health. In fact, these products can present an under-dosage of active principle or an overdose, or even an absence of active principle and turn out to be ineffective and therefore dangerous if they are used to treat a major pathology. In addition, the presence of toxic ingredients in the composition of the product is not excluded because the precise analysis of these counterfeits very often reveals chemical impurities in the falsified product.

Alongside these prescription drugs banned for sale on the Internet, a panel of 4,500 drugs is available to the Internet user, in a completely legal manner, with drugs said to be not subject to compulsory medical prescription. Also, drugs usually reimbursed on prescription can be purchased freely on the internet as they would be in a physical pharmacy. Example: all forms of paracetamol, homeopathy, or laxatives.

How To Find A Genuine Service?

An online pharmacy that is genuine will always have a pile of good reviews and will be available for customer support 24/7. So to buy all of your medical advice online, choose a Canadian online pharmacy to ensure the origin of the references and the safety of the products sold by qualified pharmacists. Remember that authorized pharmacies have an authorization number from the Regional Health Agency and that they are registered with the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities. If in doubt, talk to your usual pharmacist who will also be able to provide you with information and advice.

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