How to Choose a Floor Scrubber That Fits Your Needs

A floor scrubber is a cleaning appliance used to scrub and lift the residues from the floor.

This article focuses on a floor scrubber. It is an appliance that aids in the ability to aggressively scrub, clean and dry surfaces in one drive. It is always a priority for every buyer to purchase a quality floor scrubber. This article will be pertinent to whoever is considering buying one.

In the recent past, we have experienced an increase in industrialization and demand for this kind of machine has been increasing daily. There has been a need to make work easier and increase the productivity level of a company, including the need for a floor washing machine, specifically a floor scrubber.

Below are some of the aspects you should consider before buying one;

What is the size of the area to be cleaned?

It is easy to base your decision on large areas. Keep in mind that you will need small areas cleaned at some point. By deciding to purchase a large one, the chances of your small areas being cleaned will be minimal.

Have a look at the exact areas that need to be cleaned. For example, if it is for a school, the floor scrubber will need to clean the cafeteria, gym, hallway, and other areas. You realize some places are wide open, and some tend to have tight spaces. Your floor scrubber will have to clean all the areas.

What type of machine do you want?

There are several types of floor-scrubbing machines out there in the market. Remember, these choice rounds down to the issue of budget. Choose between the electric and the battery machine. If your budget is limited, you must consider the Aico floor scrubber because of its budget-friendly option.

Consider whether you need a ride-on floor scrubber or a walk-behind model. It will only be determined by the size of the floor area that needs to be cleaned.

What is your budget?

It is the first thing that you should think about because it dictates the options you have. It is good to seek advice on the payment plan they offer from the seller. Your budget might be tight, but you have to do a little bit of research on the possibility available. It is important to weigh your options and see how much money will be saved from the purchase.

Maintenance cost

Some of the floor scrubbers need regular servicing. The aspect should be included in your budget because, at some point, the cost will go up. In addition, you will have to replace the brushes and blades. Thus, incorporating this into the budget would help.


What are the features of the model you are considering buying? When thinking of this, it is advised to weigh the features against what you need. It is because some machines have features you may need to use. In this case, you realize you will spend extra money for nothing.

Some of the features should include the following:

  • Energy efficient
  • Potable or movability
  • Ease of servicing
  • Durability
  • Noise factors


This article has defined various aspects one should consider before purchasing a floor scrubber machine, which can be of great importance for reference.

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