How to Choose an Online Headshop

Whether you are shopping for dabbing rigs, bongs, pipes, herbs, seeds, or anything related to smoking, finding a good online headshop can make a significant difference in your experience. You will find dozens of online stores offering smoking paraphernalia but not all of them offer quality products.

Some headshops may have a wide range of products but low quality. Others may have great quality products but bad customer support and poor delivery timeline. When choosing, there are specific factors you should look out for to get the best experience from your shopping at an online headshop.

What are the Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Headshop?

There are important things that all trusted and reputable headshops have in common. If an online store has these features, then there is a high chance that it is a good place to shop. These features are highlighted as follows:

  • Product Diversity

Having a headshop that offers a wide range of products is very crucial to your smoking adventure. While all you need at the moment may be bongs, you may discover that you need more in a few weeks. If you are new to smoking, you would ordinarily want to get the basic tools and paraphernalia. They always have hard to find glass like mini bongs which save you time.

However, as you gain more experience, you will likely want to upgrade to a dabbing rig. If your chosen headshop does not have a variety of products to offer, you would need to start shopping for another headshop that has what you need.

Even as an experienced stoner, you will always want to spice things up and explore new experiences. What if you want to spice things up and get a chillum or a new accessory for your device? If your current headshop does not have a wide range of products, then you would have to start searching for another platform again.

You may also want to explore other varieties of seeds, herbs, and accessories. Your preferred headshop should have diverse products to offer. With this, you can explore everything you need in a single shop.

  • Excellent Quality

The aesthetic value of your smoking paraphernalia is one thing. The quality is another. Product quality is everything when it comes to smoking accessories and devices. Of course, you can save some bucks when you choose cheap products. However, the pleasure is in the short term.

Your cheap bong will crack after a couple of uses, or you may even end up constantly burning your herb while trying to get a hit from a poor-quality pipe. At the end of the day, you will pay more when replacing your devices. It is highly recommended that you look for headshops that offer quality products from durable materials.

While you may pay a few dollars extra, it is worth it in the long run. Your devices should be safe to use, irrespective of whether you are an experienced smoker or a beginner. You may want to read users’ reviews on the site to know the level of product quality they offer.

  • Exceptional Service

While this may not directly affect your smoking experience, it significantly impacts your shopping experience and delivery. You may find high-quality products and the widest range of product accessories and devices ever. However, if the service delivery is poor, none of these would matter much.

You surely would not enjoy your smoking experience after having a spit with a headshop that is taking forever to deliver and is not apologetic about it in any way. A good headshop should be big on customer service. The platform should make shopping on its platform a seamless and enjoyable experience.

It should have a straightforward delivery policy with no hidden charges. The online headshop should also have a good return policy in place if there are any product issues or defects. The best way to measure the level of customer service offered by a platform is to see what customers say about them.

That is why it is highly recommended that you read customer reviews on any online headshop before you choose to buy items from them.

  • Price

Although we have talked about quality being a top consideration for choosing an online headshop, high quality does not necessarily mean a high price tag. There are many headshops online that offer top-quality products at great prices.

When choosing an online store for your smoking devices and paraphernalia, we recommend that you shortlist a couple of reputable shops that have a wide range of products. You can then compare the prices of products they offer to see the one with the best prices.

The good thing about shopping online is that you have access to many options of websites offering the products you need. You can also easily compare prices before making a buying decision. However, we have to reiterate still that you should not sacrifice quality for the price.

If the price of a product is too good to be true, it is highly likely that the product is not genuine and will not last long. When considering the price of goods, make sure you consider the shipping charges too. Check for an online headshop that offers not-too-expensive shipping services to save you on some costs.


These are four important factors you should consider when choosing an online headshop. Check the wide range of products they offer, the quality of the products, excellent service delivery, and price. It may take a bit of your time to check all these and arrive at a final choice, you can be sure that the time invested is worth it.

You can have a reliable online headshop where you can buy all your smoking devices and accessories without any issue. You are also assured of speedy delivery and excellent customer service. When next you are shopping for your smoking products, the factors highlighted in this post are the top things you should consider.

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